10 Facts about Avebury

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If you want to know one of the interesting destinations in southwest England, you have to look at Facts about Avebury. Have you gone to the village of Avebury before? This village is impressive for it is the home to the famous Neolithic Henge monument.  You can find three stone circles in the village. In Europe, Avebury is considered as the largest stone circle. It is also unique and incredible. There is no need to wonder that many people come here to know the best prehistoric site in Britain. Get more facts about Avebury by reading the following post below:

Facts about Avebury 1: the tourist destination

Avebury is one of the famous tourist destinations in Britain.  People can find out the religious importance of Avebury to the contemporary Pagans. Get facts about Aquae Sulis here.

Facts about Avebury 2: the construction of Stonehenge

The Stonehenge in Avebury was constructed in New Stone Age or Neolithic era around 2600 BCE.   When you arrive to Avebury, you can find the large henge with a larger outer stone circle.  Inside the center of the monument, you can check two smaller stone circles.

Avebury Britain

Avebury Britain

Facts about Avebury 3: the purpose

Until this present day, there is no exact purpose on why the ancient people built Stonehenge. However, the archeologists believe that it probably was used to perform the ceremony or ritual.

Facts about Avebury 4: the larger prehistoric landscape

When you visit Avebury, you can find out other prehistoric landscape. The Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrown also have older monuments just like Avebury. Find out another destination in Australia Desert facts.

Avebury Pic

Avebury Pic

Facts about Avebury 5: the abandoned site

The Stonehenge in Avebury was neglected during the Iron Age.  During the Roman occupation, there was human activity in the site.

Facts about Avebury 6: Averbury during the middle ages

There was a village built near the Stonehenge in the beginning of the middle age. Then, there were more villages located around the monument. In the end of Middle Ages and beginning of the modern era, many local people damaged the stone due practical and religious purposes.



Facts about Avebury 7: before the destruction

Before the Avebury was destroyed, John Aubrey and William Stukeley recorded the site in 17th century.

Facts about Avebury 8: the reconstruction

The project to reconstruct the Stonehenge began when Alexander Keiller had an archeological investigation in 20th century.

Facts about Avebury

Facts about Avebury

Facts about Avebury 9: open to public

Avebury is open to public.  National Trust is the charitable organization which manages and owns the site.

Facts about Avebury 10: the elevation

Avebury sits at the elevation of 160 meter.

Avebury Facts

Avebury Facts

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