10 Facts about Avi the Author

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Facts about Avi the Author present the ideas about the famous Edwards Irving Wortis. This man was born on 23 December 1937. He was one of the famous American writers who chose Avi as his pen name.  He wrote books about for children and young adults. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Avi the Author below:

Facts about Avi the Author 1: parents

His father was a psychiatrist named Joseph Wortis, while his mother was a social worker named Helen Wortis. Avi had a twin sister. Her name was Emily Leider. She also worked as a writer.

Facts about Avi the Author 2: the nickname

His sister invented the name Avi and always called him Avi when he was young. Actually his grandmother was a playwright, while Avi’s grandfathers were writers. Get facts about August Wilson here.

Avi the Author Book

Avi the Author Book

Facts about Avi the Author 3 the childhood time

His mother liked to read Avi and his sister stories every night. Thus, both were interested to become a writer someday.

Facts about Avi the Author 4: education

At first, Avi was a student at Stuyvesant High School. However, he was transferred to Elisabeth Irwin High School by his parents. Actually it was only a small private school.

Avi the Author Imge

Avi the Author Imge

Facts about Avi the Author 5: Ella Ratner

Ella Ratner was his tutor when he studied at Elisabeth Irwin High School. He always cited Ratner as the credit for his success in writing world.

Facts about Avi the Author 6: dysgraphia

Even though Avi was an avid writer, did you know that actually he had dysgraphia? It is a kind of writing disorder. Therefore, he had to struggle a lot when he was at school. Find out facts about authors here.

Avi the Author Facts

Avi the Author Facts

Facts about Avi the Author 7: Alan Arkin

Do you know Alan Arkin? He was the famous actor who won the Academy Award. Actually Avi was the first cousin of Alan Arkin.

Facts about Avi the Author 8: books

During his life, Avid the author had written more than 70 books. You can find them in various genres such as mysteries, fantasies, historical fiction, pictures books, adventure tales, ghost stories, comedies, realistic fiction, and many more.

Avi the Author Photo

Avi the Author Photo

Facts about Avi the Author 9: awards

In 1991, he was awarded with a Newbery Honor for The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

Facts about Avi the Author 10: Newbery Medal

In 2003, he got Newbery Medal for his Crispin: The Cross of Lea. In 2009, Iron Thunder was awarded by Williamsburg Regional Library and Colonial Williamsburg Foundation as the Breacon of Freedom Award winner.

Facts about Avi the Author

Facts about Avi the Author

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