10 Facts about Avignon

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Let me show you the commune located in the department of Vaucluse in the southern eastern of France in Facts about Avignon. Based on the report in 2011, this city was inhabited by 90,194 people.  This city presents the medieval and ancient center. Now Avignon is the capital of Vaucluse department. Talking about the history of Avignon, there were seven successive popes who relocated here during the Avignon Papacy in 1309 to 1377. It became a part of French after the French revolution. Here are other interesting facts about Avignon for you:

Facts about Avignon 1: the historic center

Avignon is famous with a lot of historic centers. You can go to the Pont d’Avignon and Palais des Papes.  In 1995, Pont d’Avignon was included in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

Facts about Avignon 2: the tourism

The tourism in Avignon is great. Besides enjoying the historic center, you can also enjoy the festival d’Avignon celebrated annually as well as the medieval monuments. Get facts about Auvergne here.

Avignon Beauty

Avignon Beauty

Facts about Avignon 3: one flower award

National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom awarded Avignon with one flower during the competition of cities and village.

Facts about Avignon 4: The Black Death

In 1384, more than two thirds of the people who lived in Avignon died due to the Black Death.

Avignon Painting

Avignon Painting

Facts about Avignon 5: the popes and anti popes

There were seven popes and two anti popes who resided in Avignon. The anti popes were Clement VII and Benedict XIII. The popes included Clement V, John XXII, Benedict XII, Clement VI,   Innocent VI, Urban V, and Gregory XI.

Facts about Avignon 6: the major flood

It seems that Avignon was very susceptible to flood in the past time. The major flood of the Rhone affected Avignon in 15th century. In October 1479, King Louis XI fixed the bridge.



Facts about Avignon 7: Caumont Airport

Caumont Airport was constructed in 1937. In the beginning of 1980s, it became an airport in Avignon. This airport was very famous due to the new control tower and international road.

Facts about Avignon 8: the development of the city

Avignon began to develop after the World War II. It promoted the trade, tourism and festivals. Council of Europe awarded the city with Europe prize in 1977. Find out another city in Austin Texas facts.

Facts about Avignon

Facts about Avignon

Facts about Avignon 9: Avignon TGV station

Avignon TGV station was constructed in 1998 till 2001.

Facts about Avignon 10: climate

The summer season is cool, while the winter season in Avignon is semi mild.   The hottest months in Avignon are between July and August. The coldest months are in January and February.

Avignon Scene

Avignon Scene

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