10 Facts about Avocados

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Facts about Avocados tell you about the native fruit from Central America and Mexico. This fruit is very popular in the world because it has smooth texture and delicious taste. The avocado tree has a close relation with camphor and cinnamon because all of them are included in the family Lauraceae. When you open the avocado, you can check a single seed inside it. Due to the popularity of avocado, it is commercially cultivated around the world. Get more facts about avocado below:

Facts about Avocados 1: the shape

The shape of avocado can be in sphere, egg shape or pear shape. The fresh body is in green color.

Facts about Avocados 2: the origin

Many people believe that this fruit is originated from Puebla, Mexico.  The oldest evidence of avocado in Puebla, Mexico was dated back in 10,000 BC. Get facts about Apple tree here.

Facts about Avocados

Facts about Avocados

Facts about Avocados 3: the trees

The avocado tree can grow with the height up to 66 feet or 20 meters.  It has greenish yellow flowers. The weight of a pear shaped avocado is around 100 to 1,000 gram.

Facts about Avocados 4: where to grow avocado

The climate of the region should have little wind and without frost if you want to successfully cultivate this fruit. The best places to cultivate avocado are in Indonesia, Malaysia, southern India, New Zealand, Colombia, Portugal, Crete, Morocco, Ecuador, and some parts of US, Mexico and many more.

Avocado Salad

Avocado Salad

Facts about Avocados 5: avocado in United States

Florida and California are the good places to cultivate avocado in United States. More than 90 percent of the avocados in US are produced in California.

Facts about Avocados 6: the leading international export of avocado

Mexico took the first place as the leader of international export of avocado in 2013.  Avocados are also commercially produced in Peru, New Zealand, South Africa and California.

Avocados and Corn

Avocados and Corn

Facts about Avocados 7: how to eat avocado

You can eat it raw but the taste for this fruit is not sweet.  It has smooth texture with a little bit sour taste. This fruit is often used in various drinks and foods. You can make avocado salad or even avocado milkshake. You can also add slices of avocado on the top of the ice cream.

Facts about Avocados 8: how to serve avocado in New Zealand and Australia

The people who live in New Zealand and Australia have the unique way of serving the avocados. They often mix it with chicken, sushi and sandwiches. Find out Australia facts here.



Facts about Avocados 9: Central America

Avocado is mixed with salad, soup and white rice in Central America.

Facts about Avocados 10: fat

More than 75 percent of the avocado contains fat. It is the oleic acid fat which gives the body great benefit.

Avocado Facts

Avocado Facts

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