10 Facts about Avril Lavigne

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If you want to know the famous singer and songwriter, check Facts about Avril Lavigne. When she was only 15 years old, she appeared on stage with the diva Shania Twain. This Canadian French singer had a contract deal with Arista Record for two albums when she was only 16. Did you know that the contract worth $2 million. People always described her as a pop punk artist. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Avril Lavigne by reading the explanation below:

Facts about Avril Lavigne 1: the debut album

The title of Avril’s debut album was Let Go. She released it when she was 17 years old in 2002.  At that time, she was considered as one of the most popular singers. Get facts about Archie Roach here.

Facts about Avril Lavigne 2: the nickname

During her successful years, Avril was always badged as the pop punk princess or a skater punk.

Avril Lavigne facts

Avril Lavigne facts

Facts about Avril Lavigne 3: the sales

Avril is a very successful singer.  She had sold more than 50 million singles and 30 million albums all over the world.

Facts about Avril Lavigne 4: the record

There are various records that she had.  She became the young female soloist with the debut album Let Go reached the peak position in United Kingdom. There were more than 16 million copies of albums that she sold in the world. In US, it was sold almost 7 million copies. Get facts about Austin Mahone here.

Avril Lavigne Hair

Avril Lavigne Hair

Facts about Avril Lavigne 5: “Complicated”

“Complicated” is one of her breakthrough singles. In many countries in the world, it reached the top position.

Facts about Avril Lavigne 6: the second album

The second album of Avril Lavigne was released in May 2004 with the title Under My Skin. It took the record as the first album of Avril which can reach the top place in US Billboard 200.

Avril Lavigne Pic

Avril Lavigne Pic

Facts about Avril Lavigne 7: the third album

In April 2007, she released the third album, The Best Damn Thing. The popular single of this album was “Girlfriend”.

Facts about Avril Lavigne 8: the number one single

The singles of Avril which scored the number one single in the world include “Girlfriend”, My Happy Ending”,”, “Sk8er Boi”, including “Complicated”, “Nobody’s Home”, and “I’m with You”.

Facts about Avril Lavigne

Facts about Avril Lavigne

Facts about Avril Lavigne 9: the fourth album

In March 2011, Avril released her fourth album with the title Goodbye Lullaby.  On 1 November 2013, she released another studio album. Actually in 2011, she parted away with RCA Records.

Facts about Avril Lavigne 10: taking a break

Avril decided to take break from her activity as a singer. She was busy designing clothes, making perfume and acting in feature movies.

Avril Lavigne Singer

Avril Lavigne Singer

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