10 Facts about Axolotls

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Facts about Axolotls talk about a type of an amphibian which lives in the water. This animal is very unique if you compare it with other amphibians. It lives mostly inside the water. This animal is endemic in Lake Xochimilco. It is situated near Mexico City. The population is concerned if the lake has high level of pollution and draining. The introduction of aggressive species can threaten the life of axolotls too. Find out more interesting facts about axolotls below:

Facts about Axolotls 1: the food

Do you know that axolotls are hunted not only for pet trade? People also hunt them for food.  When you visit certain Mexican restaurants, you can find the axolotls served as the main course. There is no need to wonder axolotls are included in critically endangered species. Get facts about Asian Carp here.

Facts about Axolotls 2: the weight and length

In average, axolotls have the weight around 8 pounds. The length can reach 12 inches.

Facts about Axolotls

Facts about Axolotls

Facts about Axolotls 3: male or female?

It is not easy for us to differentiate between male and female axolotls.  Both look similar. But experts can perform the identification of sex of axolotls.

Facts about Axolotls 4: the color

The body color of axolotls comes in various options. You can spot it in white, albino, mottled brown or even black body color. Get facts about aquatic animals here.



Facts about Axolotls 5: the diet

Axolotls are included as carnivorous animals. They eat meat. The important diet of axolotls includes the insect larvae, crustaceans, mollusks, and small fish. Sometimes axolotls perform cannibalism by eating the smaller axolotls.

Facts about Axolotls 6: regeneration

Axolotls have unique regeneration system. Do you know that the lung, heart, kidney, or limb of the animals can be regenerated when they are lost or damaged?



Facts about Axolotls 7: the research

Axolotls are very unique and interesting due to the regenerating process. There is no need to wonder that many scientists are interested with this type of salamander. They often conduct research about axolotls.

Facts about Axolotls 8: the mating season

During the spring season, axolotls do the mating process. The water temperature as well as the length of the day affects the mating season.

Axolotl Pic

Axolotl Pic

Facts about Axolotls 9: eggs

The eggs produced by the female Axolotls are around 300 till 1,100 eggs.   The baby axolotls have tail and external gills.  On both sides of head, you can find two projections. When the axolotls grow, the limb and gills are bigger.   These animals are sexually mature when they are 12 years old.

Facts about Axolotls 10: the life span

Axolotls can live around 10 to 12 years in the wild area.  If they are in the captivity, they can live up to 15 years old.

Axolotl Facts

Axolotl Facts

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