10 Facts about Azerbaijan

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Let me show you one of the countries located in Caucasus region in Facts about Azerbaijan. The official name of this country is Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1918, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic proclaimed their independence.  Do you know that it takes the record as the first Muslim democratic and secular republic in the world? In 1920, Azerbaijan decided to join the Soviet Union. The name was changed into Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. Get more facts about Azerbaijan below:

Facts about Azerbaijan 1: another proclamation

In October 1991, Azerbaijan made another proclamation on independence.  This event happened before the end of USSR.

Facts about Azerbaijan 2: the organization

Azerbaijan is an active country. It is one of the member states of NATO Partnership for Peace program, OSCE, and Council of Europe. Find out another country in Austria facts.

Azerbaijan Architecture

Azerbaijan Architecture

Facts about Azerbaijan 3: the diplomatic relations

There are at least 158 countries in the world which have diplomatic relation with Azerbaijan. It also   participates as a member in more than 38 international organizations in the world.

Facts about Azerbaijan 4: the total population

As of July 2011, Azerbaijan was inhabited by 9,165,000 people. More than 48 percent of them lived in the rural regions, while 52 percent lived in the urban region.

Azerbaijan Skyline

Azerbaijan Skyline

Facts about Azerbaijan 5: modernization

The government of Azerbaijan encourages the usage of technology and innovation in 21st century.   The science and technology sectors are improved due to the oil and gas boom.

Facts about Azerbaijan 6: The Walled City of Baku

If you are interested to visit Azerbaijan, you should never forget to go to the Walled City of Baku.  You can find out the Old city of Baku along with the Maiden Tower and Palace of the Shirvanshahs.

Azerbaijan Facts

Azerbaijan Facts

Facts about Azerbaijan 7: the rock carving

Not only Australians have rock carving. You can also find out the ancient rock carving in Gobustan.  In 1966, the government declared Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape as the national historical landmark. You can find the rock carving which describes the images of ritual dances, animals, primitive men, birds, and warriors, pictures of stars, sun and camel caravans. Get facts about Australia here.

Facts about Azerbaijan 8: climate

Azerbaijan has unique climate.   The areas in the country are divided into nine climate zones.

Azerbaijan at Night

Azerbaijan at Night

Facts about Azerbaijan 9: national

You can also get closer to the nature by visiting 8 national parks in Azerbaijan. Those include the Shirvan National Park, Zangezur National Park, Ag-Gol National Park, Altyaghach National Park, and Hirkan National Park.

Facts about Azerbaijan 10: Shirvan National Park

If you want to know the semi desert landscape in Azerbaijan, you can visit Shirvan National Park.  You can encounter the unique species such as sawn, flamingo, bustard and turaj here.

Facts about Azerbaijan

Facts about Azerbaijan

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