10 Facts about Aztec Art

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If you want to know the unique art of Aztec, look at Facts about Aztec Art. Aztec civilization was impressive despite the human sacrifice that people conducted in the past. Art was embedded at the heart of the Aztecs. It was considered as part of life. It was often associated with religion. Many poetry, music, and cultures were made to honor the gods and goddesses. Find out more amazing facts about Aztec art below:

Facts about Aztec Art 1: feather work

Another form of art that you should not forget is the feather work. The noble people in Aztec empire liked to wear the feather work because it showed their class in the society. The feather was used to differentiate between the commoners and the nobility.

Facts about Aztec Art 2: metaphors

Metaphors were always used in the Aztec art. It can be seen in poetry, sculpture and drawings. The flower was used to symbolize the beauty of life. The warrior was represented with eagle, while the sun god was symbolized with the hummingbird.

Aztec Art Pic

Aztec Art Pic

Facts about Aztec Art 3: poetry

Poetry was considered as the highest form of art in Aztec culture. The themes of the poems were mostly about mythology and gods.  However, the everyday situation was also used as the topic in the poetry. Get facts about Aztec gods here.

Facts about Aztec Art 4: verbal poetry

Poetry is considered as verbal form of art in Aztec culture. It would be passed between generations. The poetry was written down when the Spaniards came.

Aztec Art

Aztec Art

Facts about Aztec Art 5: the Aztec poems

In 1500s, the scattered poems of the Aztec people were collected. If you are interested to read, you have to check the Cantares mexicanos and Romances de los señores de la Nueva España.

Facts about Aztec Art 6: music

Music is one of the entertaining pieces of art. Aztecs also liked to play music to entertain the gods. When they wanted to ask good harvest or rain, they played the music. Some of the musical instruments used by the Aztec were drum, whistles, shells, and flutes.

Aztect Art Fact

Aztec Art Fact

Facts about Aztec Art 7: the sculpture

If you check the sculpture of the Aztec culture, you can find the similar features.   The male statues were characterized with crossed arms and sitting on the knees up.

Facts about Aztec Art 8: stone sculpture

The main material to create the sculpture was from the stone.  You can find small, medium till big statues. Most of them were located in temples and public areas. Get facts about Aztec culture here.

Stone Calendar

Stone Calendar

Facts about Aztec Art 9: potteries

The potteries produced by the Aztecs were in the form of jars into bowls. They were beautiful due to the decorative colors and patterns.

Facts about Aztec Art 10: jewelry

The materials such as obsidian, jade, copper, silver and gold were used to make jewelry.

Facts about Aztec Art

Facts about Aztec Art

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