10 Facts about Aztec Civilization

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Let’s me show you the lifestyle, economy, government, trading system and tribute in Facts about Aztec Civilization. This tribe lived in most parts of Mesoamerica in 14th to 16th centuries. They are included as an ethnic group of Central Mexico. The language spoken by the Aztec people was Nahuatl language. The center of the Aztec civilization in 13th century was located at the Valley of Mexico. Here are more interesting facts about Aztec civilization for you:

Facts about Aztec Civilization 1: the city of Tenochtitlan

The city of Tenochtitlan was considered as the capital of Aztec triple Alliance. The location of this capital was in the islets of Lake Texcoco.

Facts about Aztec Civilization 2: Hernán Cortés

The Aztec Triple Alliance was defeated by Hernan Cortes in 1521.  He got a help from the Nahuatl speaking indigenous people.

Aztec Civilization and Sacrifice

Aztec Civilization and Sacrifice

Facts about Aztec Civilization 3: colonization of Central America

The colonization of Central America began when the Spanish established a new settlement on the ruined Aztec Capital in Mexico City.

Facts about Aztec Civilization 4: Templo Mayor in Mexico City

Templo Mayor in Mexico City is one of the legacies from the Aztec people. Actually the archeologists and historians describe the culture and history of the Aztec from their archeological sites. Get facts about Aztecs here.

Aztec Civilization and Temple

Aztec Civilization and Temple

Facts about Aztec Civilization 5: the tributes

The tributes should be paid to the Aztec empire. The people could give the luxuries such as greenstone beads, feather, and adorned suits. The practical things such as food, cloth and firewood were the alternative for the tribute.

Facts about Aztec Civilization 6: ow to keep the tribute flowing

The tribute can be kept flowing in Aztec empire by relaying the system of tribute on the local nobles and local kings.

Aztec Civilization Facts

Aztec Civilization Facts

Facts about Aztec Civilization 7: who controlled the economy?

The nobles and kings controlled the economy of the people. The lands were owned by the nobles. The common people got access to the lands by sharecropping or renting the land. Therefore, the common people had to work hard, while nobles and kings enjoyed the luxury lifestyle.

Facts about Aztec Civilization 8: the luxury goods

The luxury goods were made to serve the high style of the nobles. The commoner specialists worked for the high class nobles to create sculptures, featherwork and jewelry. Find out Aztec art facts here.

Facts about Aztec Civilization

Facts about Aztec Civilization

Facts about Aztec Civilization 9: the roads

The roads in Aztec civilization were designed for foot. The maintenance for the road was from the tribute.  The travelers could find a place to eat or relax along the road.

Facts about Aztec Civilization 10:paynani

Paynani was the couriers. Their job was to help the official monitoring the road and gave information of event to the people.

Aztec Civilization

Aztec Civilization

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