10 Facts about Aztec Culture

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If you want to know the social structure, human sacrifice, education, lifestyle and architecture of the Aztec people, read Facts about Aztec Culture. When we talk about this tribe, we should never forget about the practice for human sacrifice in the sacred ritual. Actually the human sacrifice was conducted in Mesoamerica. However, the human sacrifice in Aztec culture was taken into the higher level. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Aztec culture below:

Facts about Aztec Culture 1: Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan

In 1487, the Aztecs conducted a blessing in Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan.  It was believed that there were 80,400 prisoners sacrificed in that event. However, the number of the prisoners in the ritual sacrifice was not accepted globally.

Facts about Aztec Culture 2: the highest class in Aztecs

The pipiltin was the highest classic in Aztecs. The status of nobility was not hereditary at first. But the hereditary aspect played an important part to make the sons of the nobility receive high class status. They had access to education.

Aztec Culture Facts

Aztec Culture Facts

Facts about Aztec Culture 3: the second class

The second class of the Aztecs was called macehualtin. The peasants who worked on the farm occupied 20 percent of the whole population of Aztecs.  Most people in macehualtin class worked as traders, artisans and warriors.

Facts about Aztec Culture 4: the slave

The lowest class was the slave. The Aztecs became the slaves for various reasons.  Slavery applied for the war captives, criminals and those who ended up in debt. But slavery in Aztec culture was unique. The slaves were allowed to marry, have kids or buy land. Get facts about Aztec civilization here.

Aztec Culture Festival

Aztec Culture Festival

Facts about Aztec Culture 5: free slave

The slaves would be able to free themselves if they married to their master or had children with their master. They could also buy the freedom.

Facts about Aztec Culture 6: pochtecah

Pochtecah was another important class in the tribe even though they only occupied small people. They were the traveling merchants who lived between the borders and the empire.

Facts about Aztec Culture

Facts about Aztec Culture

Facts about Aztec Culture 7: schools

Aztecs had two kinds of school. The theology, statesmanship, astronomy, and writing were learned in Calmecac School. The military and practical studies were taught in telpochcalli school. Get facts about Aztec art here.

Facts about Aztec Culture 8: the capital city

Tenochtitlan was the capital City of Aztec Empire. It is the present day of Mexico City. There were four sections in the city created in symmetrical layout.

Aztec Culture and Sacrifice

Aztec Culture and Sacrifice

Facts about Aztec Culture 9: the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan

The Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan was the center of the capital. This temple sat on the elevation of 164.04 feet or 50 meters.

Facts about Aztec Culture 10: the materials for the building

Stone was the main material to create palaces, temples and pyramids. The houses were made of loam and wood.

Aztec Culture and Temple

Aztec Culture and Temple

Are you impressed after reading facts about Aztec culture?

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