10 Facts about Aztec Food

Monday, April 27th 2015. | Culinary

If you want to know the food eaten by the Aztec people and Nahua people who lived at the Valley of Mexico, check Facts about Aztec Food. Corn is considered as the most important ingredients for the Aztecs.  This staple food is also included as a part of their mythology. The people in East Asia love rice as their staple food, while the European people choose wheat. The Aztecs pick corn as the main food. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Aztec food below:

Facts about Aztec Food 1: the unique corn

The corn that the Aztecs ate was available in various sizes, colors, textures, and sizes. They processed the corn into different kinds of foods such as atolli, tamales, and tortillas.

Facts about Aztec Food 2: the seasoning

The important seasonings used by the Aztec when they cook were chili peppers and salt.

Aztec Food Pic

Aztec Food Pic

Facts about Aztec Food 3: the vitamin and minerals

The Aztecs would never experience any deficiency of vitamins and minerals. They used grain amaranth, chi and beans for the staple diet. It also used maize. Get facts about Aztec civilization facts here.

Facts about Aztec Food 4: nixtamalization

Nixtamalization was the process of cooking the maize grains with the alkaline solution.  The process was used to increase the nutrition of the food.

Facts about Aztec Food

Facts about Aztec Food

Facts about Aztec Food 5: the most common drinks

The most common drink of Aztecs included maize gruels, water and pulque. The Aztecs also created the alcoholic drinks. They made the drinks from the combination of various fruits, cacti and honey.

Facts about Aztec Food 6: the pulque

The pulque was the drink for the commoners. Therefore, the noble people in Aztec did not drink it.  They picked the luxurious drink made of cacao.

Aztec Food and Farming

Aztec Food and Farming

Facts about Aztec Food 7: the favor

The nobles, warriors and rulers loved to have their food favored with honey, chili peppers, herbs and other spices.

Facts about Aztec Food 8: the meat

There were various kinds of wild game and fish included in their diet such as green iguanas, pocket gophers, fowls, axolotls, acocil, insect eggs, larvae and insects. Even though the foods are weird for us, it seems that the Aztecs liked them.

Aztec Food Facts

Aztec Food Facts

Facts about Aztec Food 9: the domesticated animals

The domesticated animals such as dogs, ducks and turkeys were parts of their diet.

Facts about Aztec Food 10: other foods

Other food included tomatoes, chili, fungi, squash, and mushroom.

Aztec Food

Aztec Food

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