10 Facts about Aztec Religion

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Facts about Aztec Religion talk about the deities, gods and festival of the Aztec people. The human sacrifice is one of the important elements in their religious practice. It was just like the other Mesoamerican religions.  It was very common for the deities of other areas incorporated into the religious practices of Aztecs. Get the detail facts about Aztec religion by reading the following post below:

Facts about Aztec Religion 1: the cosmology

The upper and nether worlds are the main division in Aztec Cosmology.   The worlds determined the astronomical objects as well as the deities.

Facts about Aztec Religion 2: the important elements

There are several important elements in the Aztec religions. Those are Planet Venus, sun and moon. Each of them has different meaning and symbols.

Aztec Religion and Nature

Aztec Religion and Nature


Facts about Aztec Religion 3: Aztec pantheon

The Aztec pantheon was mostly derived from the preceded Mesoamerican civilization. Sometimes, the deities named differently based on the regions but they were actually referred to the similar deities.

Facts about Aztec Religion 4: the most important deities in Aztec religions

Can you mention the important deities in Aztec religion? Actually those include Huitzilopochtli the patron god of the Mexica tribe, Tlaloc the god of rain, Tezcatlipoca the god of destiny and fortune, and Quetzalcoatl god of civilization and order. Find out Aztec Gods facts here.

Aztec Religion and Temple

Aztec Religion and Temple


Facts about Aztec Religion 5: Tenochtitlan

Tenochtitlan was the Aztec capital. It is located in the present day Mexico City.  The important gods that I have mentioned before have each temple here.

Facts about Aztec Religion 6: Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor is one of the important sites of Aztec. It was used to worship Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli.

Aztec Religion Facts

Aztec Religion Facts


Facts about Aztec Religion 7: Ehecatl

Ehecatl was the god of wind. Before the Templo Mayor, there was a plaza in which the third monument was devoted for the Ehecatl.

Facts about Aztec Religion 8: recreation of the divine

Recreation of the divine is one of the important religions practice in Aztec religion. In this ritual, the living person will imitate or impersonate the deity.

Aztec Religion

Aztec Religion


Facts about Aztec Religion 9: the aspect of nature

Some gods and goddess in Aztec religion symbolized the nature. You can find the god of sun, wind, moon, water and many more. Find out facts about Aztecs here.

Facts about Aztec Religion 10: other interesting gods

Other interesting gods were associated with games, fun, excess, drunkenness and pulque.

Facts about Aztec Religion

Facts about Aztec Religion

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