10 Facts about Aztec Temples

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Facts about Aztec Temples talk about one of the most important types of architecture for the Aztecs.  The way they built the temples was based on the older Canadian American architecture. The religious structure was very unique and interesting. During the reign of the Aztec empire, the cities in Aztec often competed to build the greatest temple. If they wanted to create the greatest temple, they would not demolish the old temple and built the new one. What the Aztecs did was building the new construction on the old structure. Here are some interesting facts about Aztec temples for you:

Facts about Aztec Temples 1: the layers

The Aztec temples were constructed very high. It often consisted of four to five layers.

Facts about Aztec Temples 2: The Great Temple

Templo Mayor is the Great Temple of Aztec. It is considered as the most important temple in Tenochtitlan. Therefore, it is called as the biggest building in Aztec.

Aztec Temple Pic

Aztec Temple Pic

Facts about Aztec Temples 3: the gods for Temple Mayor

Templo Mayor was devoted for two gods in Aztec religions. Both were the god of war, Huitzilopochtli and the god of rain and agriculture, Tlaloc. In the Nahuatl language, Templo Mayor was called huei teocalli. Get facts about Aztec religion here.

Facts about Aztec Temples 4: the measurement

Templo Mayor was created with the measurement at 100 by 80 meter or 328 by 262 feet at the base.

Aztec Temple

Aztec Temple

Facts about Aztec Temples 5: the construction of Templo Mayor

Templo Mayor was constructed in 1325. After the first construction, it was rebuilt for 6 times. In 1521, the Spanish destroyed the temple.

Facts about Aztec Temples 6: the location of Templo Mayor in the present day

If you are interested to visit Templo Mayor, you can check the modern day location of this magnificent building.  The site is situated northern of the Zacalo.  It is between Justo Sierra and Seminario streets.

Aztec Temples and Sacrifice

Aztec Temples and Sacrifice

Facts about Aztec Temples 7: the World Heritage List

In 1987, Templo Mayor was included in UNESCO World Heritage List. It is also a part of the historic center in Mexico City.

Facts about Aztec Temples 8: the first Templo mayor

As I have stated before, the first construction of Templo Mayor began in 1325. During the reigns of Acamapichtli, Huitzilihuitl and Chimalpopoca, the second temple was built in 1375 and 1427. It featured a téchcatl or a sacrificial stone.

Aztec Temples

Aztec Temples

Facts about Aztec Temples 9: Itzcoatl

During the reign of Itzcoatl, the third temple in Templo Mayor was built in 1427 to 1440. The fourth temple was built during the reigns of Moctezuma I and Axayacatl in 1440 and 1481. Find out facts about Aztecs here.

Facts about Aztec Temples 10: Tizoc

The reign of Tizoc marked the construction of the fifth temple in Templo Mayor. During the reign of Ahuizotl, the sixth temple was added.  The Great Temple was inaugurated by Ahuizotl by having 4,000 people scarified in the ritual. It lasted for four days. Most of them were the prisoners of war.

Facts about Aztec Temples

Facts about Aztec Temples

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