10 Facts about Babe Ruth

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Facts about Babe Ruth talk about the famous baseball player in the history. His full name is George Herman Ruth. This man was born on 6 February 1895 and passed away on 16 August 1948. He played as a professional MLB pitcher and outfielder in 1914 until 1935 for 22 seasons. Due to his wonderful skill, he was remembered as one of the greatest baseball players in the world. Get more facts about Babe Ruth below:

Facts about Babe Ruth 1: the early career

He was a player in the Boston Red Sox when he began his early career. He took the position as a stellar left handed pitcher. When he moved to New York Yankees, he gained fame after he took the position as a slugging outfielder.

Facts about Babe Ruth 2: nickname

The people who considered themselves as baseball fan must know about Babe Ruth? Do you know his famous nicknames? His fans like to call him the Sultan of Swat and The Bambino.

Facts about Babe Ruth

Facts about Babe Ruth

Facts about Babe Ruth 3: the record

Let’s find out the record of Babe Rug. He had bases on balls (2,062), home runs (714), runs batted in (RBIs) (2,213), and slugging percentage (.690).

Facts about Babe Ruth 4: learning baseball

He learned a lot about baseball from Brother Matthias Boutlier. He was the capable baseball player and the disciplinarian in the St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys. When Ruth was 7 years old, he was educated in that school. Get another baseball player in facts about Albert Pujols here.

Babe Ruth Pic

Babe Ruth Pic

Facts about Babe Ruth 5: Baltimore Orioles

He began his career in Baltimore Orioles in 1914 when he was signed in the club to play for the minor league.

Facts about Babe Ruth 6: Red Sox

Ruth was sold to Rex Sox after he played in Baltimore Orioles. He had an outstanding performance with Red Sox where he was picked as a pitcher. Since he wanted to play every single day, Ruth sometimes played as an outfielder too.

Babe Ruth Image

Babe Ruth Image

Facts about Babe Ruth 7: New York Yankees

His career in New York Yankees was impressive. Harry Frazee who was the owner of Red Sox made a controversial act by selling Ruth to New York Yankees. With his new club, Ruth helped it to win 4 World Series Championships and 7 AL or American League championships. Find out facts about Allen Iverson here.

Facts about Babe Ruth 8: the press

Ruth was one of the targets of press during his career not only because of his baseball skill but also because of his personal life.

Babe Ruth Facts

Babe Ruth Facts

Facts about Babe Ruth 9: the final trip

Before Ruth hospitalized in Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center, he had a final trip on behalf of American Legion Baseball.

Facts about Babe Ruth 10: death

On 16 August 1948, Ruth passed away in his sleep.  He was 53 years old at that time.

Babe Ruth Baseball

Babe Ruth Baseball

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