10 Facts about Babies

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Let me show you some interesting information facts about babies. Do you want to have babies? This little creature is funny and cute. Having a baby is a very big responsibility for the parents. Many couples who live in United States or even Europe decide not to have baby in the early marriage. The newborn baby always looks fragile.  This baby can only taste the salt when he or she is four months old. Get more interesting facts about babies below:

Facts about Babies 1: leeches

Leeches are not cute animals. People hate them. However, it was very surprising to know that the animals were used by the European people who lived in middle Ages to treat the illnesses of babies.

Facts about Babies 2: birth defect

The risk of having birth defect in China is higher. Since 2001, the risk has nearly increased for 40 percent. There is no need to wonder that the recent report states that every 30 minutes, a baby is born with birth defect in China.

Baby Facts

Baby Facts

Facts about Babies 3: the bones

Can you guess the number of bones that a baby has? It has 300 bones. When the baby becomes adult, it only has 206. The remaining bones are fused when they grow. Therefore, the adult has fewer bones than a baby.

Facts about Babies 4: The taste buds

It is very incredible to know that there are around 10,000 taste buds that a baby has. The taste buds are not only situated at the tongue but also at the back, sides and mount roof.

Baby Cute

Baby Cute

Facts about Babies 5: the length of the intestines

A new born baby has the intestines with the length at 11 feet. When the baby grows into adulthood, the length of the intestine will be doubled. Get facts about adults here.

Facts about Babies 6: Emilio Marcos Palma

Emilio Marcos Palma is famous as the first baby who was born in Antarctica in 1978.

Baby Funny

Baby Funny

Facts about Babies 7: a STD

A pregnant woman should be careful with STD.  The risk of having the baby with some serious health problems is increased. The health problems include meningitis, deafness, blindness, neonatal sepsis, pneumonia, low birth weight, acute hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic liver disease and neurologic damage.

Facts about Babies 8: the premature babies

There are several famous people who were born premature. Those are Stevie Wonder, Isaac Newton, Stevie Wonder, Johann Goethe, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Sir Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mark Twain, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Auguste Renoir and Pablo Picasso.



Facts about Babies 9: the birth day

The less popular day to bear a baby is in Sunday in United States. The most popular day to bear a baby is Wednesday.

Facts about Babies 10: the birth rate

The state in US with the highest birthrate is Utah. The lowest birthrate is in Vermont.

Facts about Babies

Facts about Babies

Are you interested reading facts about babies?

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