10 Facts about Baby Chickens

Wednesday, April 29th 2015. | Animals

If you want to know the ways to raise the baby chicken, get Facts about Baby Chickens.  You have to put a lot of efforts if you want to make the baby chicken grow well.  There are several things that you have to concern such as the nutritional need, heat sources and proper housing.  You can have a baby chicken as a pet because it is cute and funny. But ensure that you can give the baby chicken a good life. Here are some interesting facts about baby chicken for you:

Facts about Baby Chickens 1: the incubation period

Let’s find out the incubation periods of an egg. After the 21 days of incubation period, usually the baby chicken will hatch.

Facts about Baby Chickens 2: warmth

When you see the baby chicken hatches, you know that the feather is very limited. Therefore, you have to give it great warmth until the body is fully covered with feather.  You can keep the chic inside the 15 to 20 inch room and install a common heat ray lamp that you can find on the stores.

Facts about Baby Chickens

Facts about Baby Chickens

Facts about Baby Chickens 3: the commercial diet

Feeding the chick is not complicated to do.  You just have to go to the animal store and find out the special commercial food intended for baby chicken.  Don’t forget to set a pan filled with fresh water.

Facts about Baby Chickens 4: housing

The housing for the baby chicken should be special. If you keep it in the house, ensure that you can get it away from the cats or dogs.

Baby Chicken

Baby Chicken

Facts about Baby Chickens 5: the female chicken

When the female chickens are six months old, they will be able to lay eggs for the first time. When they are 1 year old, the female chickens are called pullets.

Facts about Baby Chickens 6: breathing

Before the baby chickens hatch, they spend the time inside the eggs. Actually baby chickens can breathe air even though the eggshell is very hard and solid. There are at least 8,000 pores located on the surface of eggshell. Therefore, the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen occurs.

Baby Chicken Pic

Baby Chicken Pic

Facts about Baby Chickens 7: the breeds

If you check the animal stores, you will be impressed to know that the type of baby chicken is divided in more than 200 breed.

Facts about Baby Chickens 8: baby chick as a pet

If you decide to have a baby chick as a pet, choose the one which can show the functional and aesthetic value.

Baby Chicken Facts

Baby Chicken Facts

Facts about Baby Chickens 9: Ameraucana

If you are interested with American breed of baby chicken, you can choose Ameraucana.  Do you know that it can lay the blue egg? Find out another animal in Aves facts.

Facts about Baby Chickens 10: Houdans

One of the French breeds of baby chick is the Houdans. It is big enough for the weight can reach 8 pounds. You can pick the mottled or white houdans.

Baby Chicken Needs

Baby Chicken Needs

Are you interested reading facts about baby chickens?

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