10 Facts about Bacteria

Wednesday, April 29th 2015. | Science

Facts about Bacteria discuss the one celled creature.  It is very small that you can only see it using microscope. The presence of bacteria in the world is longer than human civilization.  It has been on earth for million years. In order to live, the bacteria have to find the nutrients. Actually there are some bacteria which live in our intestines. Get more facts about bacteria by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bacteria 1: infections

You have to be careful with the bacterial infections.  It can cause pneumonia, ear infection, cavities and sore throats.

Facts about Bacteria 2: the benefits of bacteria

If you think that all bacteria are bad, you are wrong. Some of them are useful for the life of human being. Scientists often use it to create the medicine and vaccine.

Facts about Bacteria

Facts about Bacteria

Facts about Bacteria 3: one cell

The scientists believe that bacteria are the simplest form of life. The body of the bacteria only consists of one cell.  You can find them everywhere on earth. It can live inside humans, dirt, yogurt or even bread.

Facts about Bacteria 4: the size and shape

The size and shape of bacteria are various. You can check the spiral shaped, spherical and rod shaped bacteria.

Bacteria Pic

Bacteria Pic

Facts about Bacteria 5: digestive system

The bacteria are helpful for the cows.  There are some bacteria which can promote the digestive system of a cow when this animal eats grass. Get facts about archaebacteria here.

Facts about Bacteria 6: the infection

The bacteria which enter the human body can cause infections. It can steal the nutrients, release the poison, infect the skin, or even invade the human cells. The people will be sick when they have infection.

Bacteria Colors

Bacteria Colors

Facts about Bacteria 7: antibiotics

Antibiotics are the important medication used to kill the bacteria inside the body. The antibiotics are not functional if the illness is caused by viruses. The runny nose, flu and upset stomach are some health problems caused by viruses. Get facts about antibiotic here.

Facts about Bacteria 8: how to avoid the bacterial infection

The best and easiest way to avoid the bacterial infection is by washing your hand after you use the restroom. Before you eat food, ensure that you have washed your hands. Do it by using the right bacterial soap.

Bacteria Image

Bacteria Image

Facts about Bacteria 9: cooking

The way you cook the food at home should be right. The food often contains bacteria. Therefore, you need to cook it properly.

Facts about Bacteria 10: the diagnoses

The diagnoses whether a patient has bacterial infection or not can be conducted by the doctor. He or she will look at the samples of the patient’s urine, fluid, and blood.

Bacteria and Viruses Image

Bacteria and Viruses Image

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