10 Facts about Baden Powell

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Find out the interesting Facts about Baden Powell if you want to know the founder of the Scout movement in the world. He was also the writer and army from Britain. Powell took the position as the first Chief Scout of The Boy Scouts Association. He was born on the 22 February 1857 and passed away on 8 January 1941. This man was born with the full name Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell. He was the first Baron Baden Powell. Here are some interesting facts about Baden Powell for you:

Facts about Baden Powell 1: the education

Baden Powell was educated in Surrey where he attended Charterhouse School.  In 1876 until 1910, he served the British Army in India and Africa.

Facts about Baden Powell 2: the Siege of Mafeking

One of the important events which made Powell famous was the Siege of Mafeking. He was successful defending town during the Second Boer War in South Africa in 1899. Find out another soldier in Facts about Audie Murphy here.

Baden Powell Facts

Baden Powell Facts

Facts about Baden Powell 3: books

As I have stated before, Baden Powell was not only an army. He was a writer too.  He wrote various kinds of military books.  He did it during his African years where the books were intended for the scout training and military. But boys also enjoyed reading his books. Find out facts about army here.

Facts about Baden Powell 4: Scouting for Boys

Scouting for Boys was published by Sir Arthur Pearson in 1908.  The writer of this book was Baden Powell. This book was intended for the young readers.

Facts about Baden Powell

Facts about Baden Powell

Facts about Baden Powell 5: the beginning of scouting

The beginning of scouting was when Baden Powell held the first Brownsea island scout camp in 1907. In 1909, the Crystal Palace became the first site to hold the first Scout Rally.  There were girls who dressed in the Scout Uniform. Therefore, Baden Powell and Agnes Baden Powell, his sister decided to establish Girl Guides Movement.

Facts about Baden Powell 6: marriage

The wife of Baden Powell was Olave St Clair Soames. Both married on 30 October 1912. After the marriage, both of them were active in Girl Guiding Movements and Scouting.

Baden Powell

Baden Powell

Facts about Baden Powell 7: death

Baden Powell passed away on 8 January 1941. He spent his last year living in Nyeri, Kenya. He also buried there.

Facts about Baden Powell 8: Baden-Powell Peak

Baden-Powell Peak is found in Nepal. Actually it was named Urkema Peak. But Nepal decides to call it Bande Powell Peak to celebrate the Scouting 2007 Centenary.

Baden Powell Pic

Baden Powell Pic

Facts about Baden Powell 9: BBC’s List

In the BBC’s list of 100 Greatest Britons, Baden Powell was included in the list in 2002.

Facts about Baden Powell 10: Wateler Peace Prize

In 1937, Baden Powell was honored with Wateler Peace Prize.

Baden Powell Image

Baden Powell Image

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