10 Facts about Badgers

Thursday, April 30th 2015. | Animals

Let me show you the interesting Facts about Badgers if you want to know the short legged omnivores. These animals have the close relationship with weasels, otters, wolverines and polecats.  They are included in the family Mustelidae. Badgers are divided into nine species. There are three subfamilies of badgers. Those are the American badgers/ Taxideinae, the home badgers or ratel called Mellivorinae and nine Eurasian badgers called Melinae. Here are some interesting facts about badgers for you:

Facts about Badgers 1: digging

Badgers love digging. The fat bodies with short legs enable the badgers to dig deeper.

Facts about Badgers 2: the tail

Badger has a tail. The length of the tail is determined by the species. The length of a ferret badger’s tail is around 18 to 20 inches or 46 to 51 cm.

Facts about Badgers

Facts about Badgers

Facts about Badgers 3: the face

The face of badgers is very unique. You can find the white marking on the black face. The body is in grey color. You can also find light colored stripes on the tail to the head. The legs are in dark color.

Facts about Badgers 4: the total length

The total length of badger is around 35 inches or 90 cm. It includes the length of the tail.

Badger Pic

Badger Pic

Facts about Badgers 5: the size of badgers

The badgers which have smaller and lighter size include the hog badgers, American badger, stick badgers, and honey badger. The largest one is the European badger. The smallest one is the ferret badger. Find out another animal in baboon facts.

Facts about Badgers 6: the weight

On average, the badger has the weight around 20 to 24 lbs or 9.1 to 11 kilogram.  If you want to know the heavier badgers, you can check some Eurasian badgers. They can weigh around 40 lbs or 18 kg.

Badger Jumps

Badger Jumps

Facts about Badgers 7: range

You can find badgers living in Great Britain, Ireland, North America, Japan, China, Europe and southern Scandinavia.

Facts about Badgers 8: Asia

In Malaysia, you can find the Bornean ferret badgers. In Indonesia, you can see the Javan ferret badgers.

Badger Image

Badger Image

Facts about Badgers 9: the honey badgers

If you want to know the honey badgers, you can check them in India, Arabian Desert, sub-Saharan Africa, Turkmenistan and southern Levant. Get facts about baby chickens here.

Facts about Badgers 10: behavior

Badgers are included as nocturnal animals. It means that they are very active when the dark comes. In North America, there is no need to wonder when you find coyotes and American badgers hunting for food together. But you can also find badgers eat coyotes or vice versa here.

Badger Animal

Badger Animal

Are you interested reading facts about badgers?

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