10 Facts about Badminton

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Facts about Badminton tell you about one of the most popular sports in the world.  You can play badminton in singles or doubles.  If you pick a single game, it means that there are two opposing players. If you pick doubles, there are two opposing pairs playing this racquet sport. The court is divided into two sections for each player or group by a net. Get more facts about badminton by reading the following post below:

Facts about Badminton 1: the score

To win the badminton game, you need to get higher score from the opponent. You will get score if you can use the racquet to strike the shuttlecock and make it land on the half of the courts of the opponent through the net.

Facts about Badminton 2: shuttlecock

Shuttlecock is very different from the ball.  This item is unique for it is made of feather. In non competitive matches, the shuttlecock is often made of plastic projectile. The way the shuttlecock flies is very different from the ball.

Badminton Player

Badminton Player

Facts about Badminton 3: the higher drag

Compared to the ball, the shuttlecock can decelerate rapidly. It is due to the fact that shuttlecock can present higher drag. Moreover, the top speed of shuttlecock is higher if you compare it with other racquet sports. Find out another sport in archery facts.

Facts about Badminton 4: the indoor court

The badminton competition is always held indoor because of the presence of wind.  But the people who love badminton sometimes play it in outdoor area. They do it on the beach or garden for the recreational activities.

Badminton Sport

Badminton Sport

Facts about Badminton 5: the Olympic sport

Badminton has been included as an Olympic sport since 1992. There are five events for the Olympics. Those are the men’s and women’s doubles, men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles.

Facts about Badminton 6: the professional player

Badminton is not an easy to sport to play. If you want to become a professional badminton player, you need to have great fitness. This sport requires the precision, speed, strength, agility and stamina.

Badminton Pic

Badminton Pic

Facts about Badminton 7: the history of badminton

The British military officers who were stationed in British India in the mid 1800s created badminton sport.

Facts about Badminton 8: the name

The adoption of the name badminton was not clear. Actually it was named from house owned by Duke of Beaufort called Badminton House in Gloucestershire.  The retired officers of British India brought the game to Britain and set the rules there.

Facts about Badminton

Facts about Badminton

Facts about Badminton 9: the equipment

When you play badminton, there are several equipments to prepare such as shuttlecock, rackets, strings, shoes, and shoes. Find out a baseball player in facts about Babe Ruth.

Facts about Badminton 10: the bodies of badminton

There are several bodies of badminton in the world such as Badminton Europe, Badminton Asia Confederation and Badminton Oceania.

Badminton Game

Badminton Game

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