10 Facts about Bagels

Friday, May 1st 2015. | Culinary

Facts about Bagels talk about one of the famous types of bread products. Actually it was originated in Poland. But it is called as the traditional Ashkenazi Jewish bread. A traditional bagel is created by using hand. It will be shaped into a ring from the yeasted wheat dough. The bread will be boiled first inside the water before it is baked. Let’s find out more interesting facts about bagels by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bagels 1: the texture of bagel

Bagel has unique texture.  Due to the boiling and baking process, it has crisp texture with brown color. It is very chewy and dense.

Facts about Bagels 2: the traditional top

The top of the traditional bagel is often decorated with sesame or poppy seeds. Therefore, this bread will be more tasteful.

Facts about Bagel

Facts about Bagel

Facts about Bagels 3: the type

The types of bagel are various. It can be made of rye or whole grain. The surface of the bagels is also decorated with sprinkled salt.

Facts about Bagels 4: the popularity of bagel

Bagel is very popular among the Jewish community. You can find it as an important bread product in North America.



Facts about Bagels 5: the ways of making bagels

Bagels come in various options. It is just like many other bread products which are available in various styles and tastes.  You can get it in the supermarkets in frozen or fresh products.

Facts about Bagels 6: the basic design

The basic design of a bagel comes with a roll-with-a-hole design. It has practical benefit because bagels are easy to transport and handle. Moreover, it has more pleasing appearance. Find out another culinary in facts about bacon here.



Facts about Bagels 7: the Polish national diet

Bagel became the Polish national diet in the 16th and first half of 17th century.

Facts about Bagels 8: the name

The word bagel was derived from the Yiddish word beygal.  It was taken from the German dialect of beugel. It means bracelet or ring.

Bagel Facts

Bagel Facts

Facts about Bagels 9: bagels in United States

The immigrants Polish-Jews brought bagels into United States. The business of making bagels was controlled by Bagel Bakers Local 338 for a decade. Almost all bagel bakeries in New York City had contract with Bagel Bakers to create the bagels by hands. They also had many workers in the city. Find out another food in Asparagus facts.

Facts about Bagels 10: the automated production

The automated production was promoted by Harry Lender, Murray Lender and Florence Sender. In 1960s, they also promoted the frozen Bagels. The pre-slicing bagels were introduced too.

Bagel Bakery

Bagel Bakery

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