10 Facts about Baghdad

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Let me tell you the interesting facts about the capital of Iraq in Facts about Baghdad. It was called as the largest city in Iraq because based it was inhabited by around 7,216,040 based on the report collected in 2011. Baghdad also takes another record as the second largest city in Western Asia after Tehran, Iran. In the Arab World, it also takes the second place of the largest city after Cairo, Egypt. Get more facts about Baghdad below:

Facts about Baghdad 1: the estimated population

The government of Iraq which is preparing for the latest census estimates that the country is occupied by 35 million people.  Baghdad is a home to 9 million inhabitants.

Facts about Baghdad 2: the important city

In the past, Baghdad was an important city. It was called as the intellectual, commercial, and cultural center for the Islamic word.  It was used as the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate and was established as a city in 8th century. The location of Baghdad is along the Tigris River.

Baghdad Facts

Baghdad Facts

Facts about Baghdad 3: the center of learning

Baghdad took the famous name as the center of learning in the past for it housed some academic institutions.

Facts about Baghdad 4: Baghdad in High middle Ages

Baghdad was called as the largest city in the world during the High Middle Ages. It was inhabited by 1,200,000 people. It was called as the first city in the world which reached the population more than 1 million people based on the view of some archeologists.

Facts about Baghdad

Facts about Baghdad

Facts about Baghdad 5: the Mongol empire

The victory of Baghdad as the largest city in the world vanished after Mongol Empire damaged the city in 1258.

Facts about Baghdad 6: an independent state

Baghdad rose to prominence again after Iraq was recognized as an independent state in 1938. It became the center of Arabian culture. Find out another interesting city in facts about Avignon here.

Baghdad Pictures

Baghdad Pictures

Facts about Baghdad 7: the infrastructural damage

The infrastructural damages in Baghdad occurred in modern time when Iraq was invaded in 2003. Until December 2011, the Iraq war still continued.

Facts about Baghdad 8: the insurgency attacks

After the Iraq war over, the insurgent attack was very high in the city. Mercer included Baghdad was one of the 221 worst major cities to live measured by the quality of life.

Baghdad Image

Baghdad Image

Facts about Baghdad 9: bank

The central bank of Iraq would build new headquarters. Therefore, it signed a deal with Zaha Hadid architects in 2012. Find out another major city in Athens facts.

Facts about Baghdad 10: Al-Shaab Stadium

Al-Shaab Stadium is considered as the largest stadium in Baghdad. In 1966, the stadium was opened for the first time.

Baghdad Bridge

Baghdad Bridge

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