10 Facts about Bagpipes

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Facts about Bagpipes tell you about one of the famous traditional musical instruments in the world. Actually it was originated from the gypsies, farmers, and peasants.  However, bagpipes were very popular for they were played during the presidential procession and were played in the king court. Many people associate bagpipes with the Scottish and Irish tradition. Actually the bagpipe type instrument is also found in Persian Gulf and North Africa. Here are other interesting facts about bagpipes:

Facts about Bagpipes 1: the origin of bagpipes

Bagpipes are not new musical instruments.  You can trace the origin of bagpipes in the ancient time.  The people believed that the shepherds invented bagpipes. The Bible mentioned about it. However, many historians believe that the bagpipes were invented in Sumaria.

Facts about Bagpipes 2: how to use bagpipes

Let me show you the way to use the bagpipes. The first thing to do is squeezing the bag using your hand, while you are taking breath. The air will flow on the pipes and chanter.

Bagpipe Pic

Bagpipe Pic

Facts about Bagpipes 3: the parts of bagpipes

There are several parts of bagpipes. Those include the mouthpiece, chanter, bag, double reeds and drone. The tuning joint is included in the drone, while the finger holes and melody pipe are included in the chanter.

Facts about Bagpipes 4: dancing

The usage of bagpipes is always associated with the dancing in various cultures. It was used to accompany the dancing. Today, the usage of bagpipes is broader.  You can find it played during the ceremonies and musical performance. People love bagpipes for they can present the nostalgic sense of the traditional and folk music. Find out facts about anthems here.



Facts about Bagpipes 5: the types of bagpipes

There are many types of bagpipes in the world since many cultures have their own style. Great Highland Pipes and Irish Uillean Bagpipes are some famous bagpipes instruments in the world.

Facts about Bagpipes 6: aerophones

Bagpipes are included as aerophones instrument. It means that the instrument using the enclosed reeds. The bag is used as the reservoir for the air. Find out another musical instrument in facts about alto saxophone.

Bagpipes Playing

Bagpipes Playing

Facts about Bagpipes 7: the countries with bagpipe musical instrument

The popularity of bagpipes in the English speaking world is very high.  Actually this musical instrument is also played in Persian Gulf, the Caucasus, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Northern Africa, Europe, and North America.

Facts about Bagpipes 8: the name

Actually it is correct for us to say bagpipe for the singular of plural form of this musical instrument in English.

Bagpipes Player

Bagpipes Player

Facts about Bagpipes 9: the drone

A set bagpipes of usually has more than one drone and chanter.

Facts about Bagpipes 10: the chanter

The melody pipe is the chanter. The bagpipes in North Africa, Southwest Asia, Southern Europe and Balkans have two chanters.

Facts about Bagpipes

Facts about Bagpipes

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