10 Facts about Baguettes

Friday, May 1st 2015. | Culinary

If you want to know the origin, making and eating of baguettes, check Facts about Baguettes. This thin and long baked bread was originated from France. People always connect baguettes with Paris. There is no need to wonder that it is used as the iconic symbol of France. The length of baguettes can reach 24 inches. Let’s find out more interesting facts about baguettes by reading the following post below:

Facts about Baguettes 1: the popularity

Baguettes are very popular in the world.  If you are in France, you have to try the freshly baked baguettes. They are very delicious.  In average, it has 24 inch long. But you can find the baguettes with the length more than 1 meter.

Facts about Baguettes 2: the exact origin

It is not easy to find out the exact origin of baguettes. In France, the long loaves have been produced for centuries. In 1920s, the word baguettes began to use by the people to refer to the long bread.



Facts about Baguettes 3: pain viennois

Pain viennois was the famous Austria bread. It is believed that baguette was originated from this bread. Pain viennois is very long. Get facts about Austria here.

Facts about Baguettes 4: the steam fired oven

Baguettes are often linked with Austrian officer.  He brought the steam fired oven to Paris. It enables the people to create the fresh, crisp and soft centered bread.

Baguettes Bread

Baguettes Bread

Facts about Baguettes 5: a unique law

There was a unique law about baguettes. The bakers in France were forbidden to create the baguettes before 4 a.m.  The law was used to encourage the bakers to make the easy baguettes.

Facts about Baguettes 6: simple food

Baguettes are considered as a simple food. The making process is very easy to do. That’s why this bread is very popular in the world. Find out another bread in bagel facts.

Baguettes France

Baguettes France

Facts about Baguettes 7: the ingredients

You have to prepare yeast, wheat flour, water and common salt to make this food. You do not need to fill any additive on the dough. You can mix all ingredients together. Leave it in one night. Then you can make it into traditional long bread.

Facts about Baguettes 8: the baking process

The baking process of baguettes is short.  It will be ready to serve less than two hours in a steam fired oven. Leave the bread to make it cool.

Baguettes Pic

Baguettes Pic

Facts about Baguettes 9: the eating time

Baguettes are often eaten during the lunchtime and breakfast time. It will be delicious if you eat it in fresh condition.

Facts about Baguettes 10: smaller length

Baguettes are very long, but you can serve them in smaller length.  Then you can use chocolate or jam on it.

Facts about Baguettes

Facts about Baguettes

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