10 Facts about Bahrain

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If you want to know the kingdom of Bahrain, you have to check Facts about Bahrain below. The location of Bahrain is near the western shores of Persian Gulf. The small island country was occupied by 1,234,571 people in 2010. The largest island of Bahrain has the length at 34 miles or 55 km and the width at 11 miles or 18 km.  Find out more interesting facts about Bahrain by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bahrain 1: Dilmun civilization

Do you know that Dilmun civilization was the ancient land located at Bahrain? In 628 AD, Bahrain converted to Islam. It is included as one of the earliest countries which embraced Islam as the official religion.

Facts about Bahrain 2: The Portuguese

In 1521, the Portuguese occupied Bahrain. Shah Abbas I of the Safavid dynasty under the Persian Empire expelled the Portuguese from Bahrain in 1602.

Facts about Bahrain

Facts about Bahrain

Facts about Bahrain 3: Al Khalifa royal family

Al Khalifa royal family ruled Bahrain after Nasr Al-Madhkur took over the land from Bani Utbah clan in 1783. The first hakim at that time was Ahmed al Fateh. Bahrain was included as a protectorate of the United Kingdom in the end of 1800s. Bahrain declared their independence in 1971. It was a state. In 2002, Bahrain became a kingdom. Find out another country in Austria facts.

Facts about Bahrain 4: Arab spring

The Arab spring which occurred in various Arabian countries such as Libya and Egypt also affected the people in Bahrain. The Shia populations in Bahrain conducted protest inspired by the Arab spring.



Facts about Bahrain 5: the investment

The main investment of Bahrain was in the tourism and banking sectors. You can find out a lot of large financial structures if you visit Manama. It is the capital of Bahrain.

Facts about Bahrain 6: the high income economy

The economy in Bahrain is great. The World Bank recognized it as a country with high income economy.  It is also ranked in the 48th position for Human Development Index.

Bahrain Facts

Bahrain Facts

Facts about Bahrain 7: the wind

In June and July, the visibility in Bahrain is reduced because of the Shamal Wind.

Facts about Bahrain 8: the climate

The summer season in Bahrain is very hot. In average, it has the temperature at 122 degree F or 50 degree C during the summer. When the winter season comes, people can enjoy the minimal and irregular rain fall.

Bahrain Skyline

Bahrain Skyline

Facts about Bahrain 9: the protected area

The protected areas in Bahrain used to keep the wildlife include Tubli Bay, Arad bay, Hawar Islands and Mashtan Island. Check facts about Bahamas here.

Facts about Bahrain 10: birds

Bahrain is the home to more than 330 different species of birds.

Bahrain Beach

Bahrain Beach

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