10 Facts about Baisakhi

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Facts about Baisakhi tell you about the harvest festival conducted in Punjab region. This festival is often called Baisakhi or Vaisakhi. During this day, the people also celebrate Mesha Sankranti and Khalsa Sirjana Divas festival. Get more facts about it below:

Facts about Baisakhi 1: the change of calendar

Due to the changes in the calendar, Baisakhi is celebrated on 13 or 14 April. Actually the day is used to symbolize the spring equinox. It usually takes place around March 21.

Facts about Baisakhi 2: Sikh community

The Sikh community considers Baisakhi as an important festival. It marks the presence of Khalsa Sirjana Divas. In the Nanakshahi calendar, it occurs on the 1st day of Baisakhi.

Baisakhi Dance

Baisakhi Dance

Facts about Baisakhi 3:Mesha Sankranti

Mesha Sankranti is considered as the first solar month in Vaisakha. Sometimes, Baisakhi takes place on the day. The people who use the luni solar calendar will know that it is the beginning of the solar New Year in various parts of the Indian sub continents.

Facts about Baisakhi 4: other New Year festival

This festival of harvest sometimes also overlaps with other New Year festivals. The Tamil New Year called Bohag Bihu of Assam or Puthandu and the Bengali New Year called Pohela Boishakh sometimes are celebrated on the first day of Baisakhi.



Facts about Baisakhi 5: the Punjabi harvest festival

As I have stated before, Baisakhi is called as the Punjabi harvest festival. But it is also used to mark the new year of Punjabi people. The Punjabi villages will conduct various fairs for this event. Get facts about Ash Wednesday here.

Facts about Baisakhi 6: the meaning of Baisakhi

Baisakhi is also recognized by the farmers as the Thanksgiving Day. They pay tribute to the god due to the abundant harvest that they receive from the farm. This day is also a good day for the farmers to pray to God for the future wealth.

Baisakhi Image

Baisakhi Image

Facts about Baisakhi 7: the places which celebrate Baisakhi

Baisakhi celebration can be seen in various places in India such as Lahore, Kathua, Jammu City, Reasi, Udhampur, Samba, Shimla, Mandi, Haryana and Prashar Lakes.

Facts about Baisakhi 8: Guru Amar Das

Guru Amar Das was one of the important persons in the Sikh community. He chose Baisakhi as one of the three important festivals celebrated by the Sikh people. Other important festivals are Diwali and Maghi.

Baisakhi Facts

Baisakhi Facts

Facts about Baisakhi 9: the Gurdwara

Before the dawn, the Sikh will bring flowers and offerings to attend the gurdwara. Get facts about Australia Day here.

Facts about Baisakhi 10: Baisakhi in other countries

There is parade used to celebrate Baisakhi in United States. The local Sikh also gives free food and plays the spiritual music.

Facts about Baisakhi

Facts about Baisakhi

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