10 Facts about Baking

Sunday, May 3rd 2015. | Culinary

If you want to learn more about an important process in food cooking, you have to check facts about baking. The cooking process is often seen in the bread and bakery products. However, it can be applied in other types of foods. The baking process involves with the prolonged dry heat by convection. It is not used any thermal radiation. The baker can use hot ashes, hot stones or even an oven to do baking. Here are other interesting facts about baking:

Facts about Baking 1: the heat

When people do baking, they can transfer the heat from the surface of breads, cookies and cakes at the center. The center of the baked goods is soft, while the surface is in firm dry.

Facts about Baking 2: the the historical significance

The baking process is conducted by men and women in different places. The men performed baking in restaurants and bakery stores. The women did it at home for local consumption.

Facts about Baking

Facts about Baking

Facts about Baking 3: industry

The large factories employ automated machines to do baking in the industry. The main common food baked by the industry is the bread. The baker is the profession of a person who prepares baked goods.

Facts about Baking 4: other baked foods

The baking process is also applied for other baked foods such as sconces, cookies, quiches, tarts, pies, pastries, cakes, pretzels, pie and crackers. You can fine them sold in various bakery stores in town. They are called as baked goods. Get facts about apple pie here.

Baking Pic

Baking Pic

Facts about Baking 5: the meat

The meat is baked in some cases.  It includes the cured meat. But it is included in the meatloaf. It is prepared with stuffing or coating.

Facts about Baking 6: roasting

The roasting occurs if the larger cut of meats is baked without any coating or stuffing. The cooking time is very short and it uses the high temperature. But it can be applied on the fine meat.

Baking Method

Baking Method

Facts about Baking 7: baking en croûte

Baking en croûte is one of the important methods to handle the natural juices of food.  The term en croute is derived from French which means in a crust. The natural juices of the food inside will be protected from the direct heat. It is often conducted on the vegetables, game, poultry, meat and fish.

Facts about Baking 8: eggs

To present the sweet or savory dishes, the eggs are used during the baking process.   To make delicious desserts, the eggs are combined cheese.

Baking Facts

Baking Facts

Facts about Baking 9: the thickening agent

The eggs can be used as the thickening agent to make the baked custard more delicious. Get facts about baking soda here.

Facts about Baking 10: the baked food

The foods prepared in baking include baked apples, pizza, baked beans, and baked potatoes.

Baking Bread

Baking Bread

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