10 Facts about Baldness

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Facts about Baldness talk about the lost of hair in the body or head. It may refer to the male pattern of baldness or androgenic alopecia. There are many causes of baldness. One of them is because of the autoimmune disorder. The baldness can be light or extreme depending on the condition. If you loss all head hair, you can have the alopecia totalis. It is included as the extreme of alopecia areata. If you loss all hair in the body and head, you can have alopecia universalis. Here are some interesting facts about baldness for you:

Facts about Baldness 1: the causes of baldness

There are many causes of baldness.  You can experience the hair loss because of the chemotherapy, radiotherapy, nutritional deficiencies, fungal infection, and traumatic damage, autoimmune disorder, aging and many more. Get facts about aging here.

Facts about Baldness 2: the symptoms

To find out whether you have baldness or not, you need to find out the symptoms.   The hair loss usually comes in circular pattern.  The scarring, skin lesions and dandruff may also present.

Baldness Male

Baldness Male

Facts about Baldness 3: Alopecia areata

The mild to medium level of baldness is called Alopecia areata.  The hair loss can be seen in the unusual areas such as above the ears, backside of the head and eyebrows. This condition usually is not seen in the male pattern baldness.

Facts about Baldness 4: the pattern of baldness or male and female

The female pattern of baldness begins in the parietal and frontal area. If you check the thinning or hair loss on the males, the hair falls out from the temples and crown. Get facts about adult here.

Baldness facts

Baldness facts

Facts about Baldness 5: the number of the hair

In average, human being has around 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on the head. In average, people lose round 100 strands of hair in a day.

Facts about Baldness 6: the normal hair volume

If you want to make sure that the hair volume is normal, the hair loss per day should be replaced with new hair at the same rate.

Facts about Baldness

Facts about Baldness

Facts about Baldness 7: the sign of hair thinning

If you want to know the sign of hair thinning, look at the strands of hair left on the hairbrush. If you have a lot of strands than the usual condition, probably you have hair thinning.

Facts about Baldness 8: the skin condition

The skin condition affects the presence of baldness. The hormonal imbalance which creates the cystic acne is also associated with hair loss.

Baldness Pictures

Baldness Pictures

Facts about Baldness 9: Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is also a skin condition which triggers excessive amount of sebum. It can cause hair loss.

Facts about Baldness 10: Physiological stress

Physiological stress is often experienced by the people with baldness and hair thinning.

Baldness Patterns

Baldness Patterns

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