10 Facts about Balearic Islands

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Let me tell you Facts about Balearic Islands if you want to know an archipelago of Spain. The location of the island is near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula in the western Mediterranean Sea. The islands are very popular in the world due to the wonderful tourism objects. Ibiza, Minorca, Majorca and Formentera are the primary islands mostly visited by the people. Actually Balearic Islands also have several islets such as S’Espalmador, Dragonera and Cabrera. Find out more interesting facts about Balearic Islands below:

Facts about Balearic Islands 1: the international party destination

If you want to enjoy the popular international party destination in Balearic Islands, you have to go to Ibiza.  Enjoy the wonderful nightclubs here. There is no need to wonder that you can find the famous DJs in the world performing in the nightclubs of Ibiza. Get facts about Alcatraz Island here.

Facts about Balearic Islands 2: the cuisine and culture

The food served in the Island and the culture of the local people here are similar with other areas of Spain.

Facts about Balearic Islands

Facts about Balearic Islands

Facts about Balearic Islands 3: the capital

Tell me the capital of Balearic Islands! It is Palma de Mallorca. The archipelago is included as a province of Spain, but it has an autonomous community.  Actually the region was under the rule of various countries and kingdoms before it becomes a part of Spain. Therefore, the people have a nationality of Spain.

Facts about Balearic Islands 4: the languages

The common languages spoken by the people in Balearic Islands are Spanish and Catalan.

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands

Facts about Balearic Islands 5: he Mediterranean climate

The climate of the Balearic Island is Mediterranean climate. It is due to the location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Get facts about Bali here.

Facts about Balearic Islands 6: the type of cuisines

As I have stated before, the type of cuisine is similar with other areas in Spain.  You will be served with various kinds of seafood, pork, wine, cheese and pastry. You can try Coca, Flaó and Ensaimada if you want to enjoy the local pastry.

Balearic Islands Pic

Balearic Islands Pic

Facts about Balearic Islands 7: the Catalan language

The report stated that 74.3 percent of the inhabitants in Balearic Islands know how to community using Catalan. Most of them speak Spanish. The locals can speak other languages too such as Italian, German and English.

Facts about Balearic Islands 8: the famous players

The famous tennis players from Balearic Islands are Carlos Moyá and Rafael Nadal.

Balearic Islands Facts

Balearic Islands Facts

Facts about Balearic Islands 9: the football club

RCD Mallorca from Palma de Mallorca is considered as the most successful football club from the island.

Facts about Balearic Islands 10: the traditional vegetables dishes

Sopes mallorquines is a vegetable dish created from bread slices, broth and vegetables. If you want to try the combination of Fava bean and vegetable purre, you can order Fava Parada.

Balearic Islands View

Balearic Islands View

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