10 Facts about Baleen Whales

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Facts about Baleen Whales tell you about the animal which has the scientific name of mysticeti. You can also call this animal as whalebone whales. The blue whale is included in the baleen whales. The main characteristics of baleen whales can be seen on the bigger size of the body.  The females are bigger than male baleen whales. Compared to the toothed whales, it is generally bigger. Let’s find out more interesting facts about baleen whales below:

Facts about Baleen Whales 1: the families of baleen whales

You can differentiate the four families of baleen whales by looking at the internal and external features.

Facts about Baleen Whales 2: Balaenidae

Balaenidae includes the bowhead whale and black right whale. The baleen plates of these whales are narrow and long. They also have the arched upper jaw and robust body. The weight of the head is around one third of the body length. It is very large. It is often called as the right whales. Get facts about Asian Carp here.

Baleen Whale Facts

Baleen Whale Facts

Facts about Baleen Whales 3: Balaenopteridae

Balaenopteridae is characterized with wide baleen plates and short head.  The body has many ventral groves. However, the dorsal fin is small.

Facts about Baleen Whales 4: Neobalenidae

Neobalenidae is also called as the pygmy right whales.  The head only occupies a quarter of the body length.  The head is very short. The lower lips are bowed. They have flattened and broadened ribs.

Facts about Baleen Whales

Facts about Baleen Whales

Facts about Baleen Whales 5: Eschrichtiidae

Eschrichtiidae is called as the gray whales. The head is narrow and short. The baleen plates are small. There are around two to five deep creases on the head.

Facts about Baleen Whales 6: the baleen whales

The baleen whales which live in the southern hemisphere like to hunt for krill. This animal is very abundant during the summer season.

Baleen Whale Picture

Baleen Whale Picture

Facts about Baleen Whales 7: variable food

The baleen whales which live in the northern hemisphere can enjoy variable types of food even though they also find krill.  When the gray whales are in shallow water, they enjoy eating amphipods.

Facts about Baleen Whales 8: sound

The sound is used by baleen whales for communication. When the mating season begins, they are known to sing.

Baleen Whale Pic

Baleen Whale Pic

Facts about Baleen Whales 9: the adult male humpback whales

The most complex songs are produced by the adult male humpback whales. They will chirp, sigh, roar or even moan for several minutes.

Facts about Baleen Whales 10: the low frequency

The sound produced by baleen whales has the low frequency at 20 Hz.  Therefore, it is included as the animal which can generate the loudest sound. Get facts about aquatic animals here.

Baleen Whale Image

Baleen Whale Image

Are you impressed with facts about baleen whales?

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