10 Facts about Bali

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Facts about Bali tell you about an island located in Indonesian country. Bali is famous in the world due to the wonderful beauty.   This province has various beaches to visit such as Sanur and Kuta. Actually it consists of the major islands such as Bali, Nusa Penida and other smaller islands. The location of the island is between Lombok to the east and Java to the west. Here are other interesting facts about Bali:

Facts about Bali 1: the population

Based on the census conducted in 2010, Bali was inhabited by 3,890,757 people. In January 2014, it is estimated that the province is occupied by 4,225,000 people.

Facts about Bali 2: the Hindus

Most people who live here are Hindus. They occupy 84.5 percent of the population in the island. 12 percent of inhabitants are Islam. Others embrace Christianity.

Bali Facts

Bali Facts

Facts about Bali 3: the interesting art

There are many interesting arts that you can find in Bali. The painting, modern dance, traditional dance, metal working, leather, music and sculpture are wonderful types of art.

Facts about Bali 4: the capital

Denpasar is the capital of Bali. The location is on the southern part of the island. Bali has become a host to some famous international events such as Miss World 2013, 2013 APEC and 2011 ASEAN Summit.



Facts about Bali 5: the marine species

You can find abundant marine species in the Bali for it is a part of the Coral Triangle. There are at least 500 reef building coral species that you can find in the marine water of Bali.

Facts about Bali 6: Balinese percussion orchestra music

The musical performance in Bali is very renowned in the world.  One of the instruments is gamelan. The musical performance is also mixed with traditional dancing performance which depicts the Hindu story.

Bali Pic

Bali Pic

Facts about Bali 7: the famous dance

If you are in Bali, don’t forget to enjoy various kinds of traditional dances such as gong keybar, topeng, pendet, baris, legong, kecak and barong.

Facts about Bali 8: the temples

The temples in Bali are some interesting places to visit. You can enjoy the public shows, private ceremonies and temples festival in Bali. Nyepi is one of the important events. It is called as the day of silence which marks the Hindu New Year. The tourists are encouraged to stay in their hotels, while the locals stay in their home.

Bali Image

Bali Image

Facts about Bali 9: Subak

Subak is the irrigation system for Paddy field in Bali. Do you know that it was enlisted in UNESO world heritage site on June 2012? Get facts about Baffin Island here.

Facts about Bali 10: the interesting festivals

The interesting events in Bali include the odalan, cremation and tooth filling.

Bali Tour

Bali Tour

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