10 Facts about Balinese Gamelan

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Facts about Balinese Gamelan talk about one of the important musical instruments in the Bali.  If you check the traditional music of Bali, it is always related with gamelan. Actually this music instrument is also found in other parts of Indonesia such as Java. However, the Balinese people have their own unique style and technique when they play gamelans. Find out more interesting facts about Balinese gamelan below:

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 1: the unique kinds of Balinese gamelan

Can you mention some of the unique Balinese gamelans? Those include gamelan gong gede, gamelan jegog, gamelan semar pegulingan, gamelan selunding, the processional music bebonangan, and the cremation music angklung and gamelan gambang.

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 2:gong kebyar

Gamelan gong kebyar is one of the modern popular styles. Other musical instruments played in Balinese music also include xylophones, gongs and metallophones.

Balinese Gamelan Pic

Balinese Gamelan Pic

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 3: Gamelan jegog

Let’s find out the interesting facts about gamelan jegog. This musical instrument is indigenous to Bali.  The playing of this gamelan can be seen mostly in Jembrana, Bali.  This item is made of bamboo.

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 4: the popularity

The popularity of gamelan jegog is very high among the areas of Bali. Therefore, it is used as one of the musical instruments to entertain the foreign and local visitors of Bali.

Balinese Gamelan Music

Balinese Gamelan Music

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 5: the jegog instruments

There are eight bamboo keys located in all jegog instruments. They also have the four note scale.

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 6: jegog ensembles

Jegog Tingklik is included as parts of Jegog ensembles.  The bamboo slats mounted above the resonator box are used as the keys.  The musical instrument is usually played by children.

Balinese Gamelan Facts

Balinese Gamelan Facts

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 7: Gamelan gong gede

The ceremonial gamelan music of Bali is gamelan gong gede. In English, it means gamelan with large gongs. It was developed in 15th and 16th century.

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 8: the usage of gamelan gong gede

The usage of gamelan gong gede is noted in the temple festivals, special events and public ceremonies.

Facts about Balinese Gamelan

Facts about Balinese Gamelan

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 9: the performance of gamelan gong gede

There are around 40 musicians in a temple orchestra who play gamelan gong gede. Get facts about Bali here.

Facts about Balinese Gamelan 10: how to play the music in gamelan gong gede

The largest gong is used to provide the beat. The cycle of music comes in one fast, one slow, one loud and one soft. The players will use the andante tempo which presents the graceful and sedate atmosphere.

Balinese Gamelan Image

Balinese Gamelan Image

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