10 Facts about Balinese Masks

Tuesday, May 5th 2015. | Arts

If you are interested to know more about Topeng Bali, you have to read Facts about Balinese Masks. The mask is very important during the Balinese performance.  The dancer will wear the ornate patterned masks to play the characters of heroes, myth of fabled kings. During the performance, the Balinese gamelan music will be played too. Here are some interesting facts about Balinese masks:

Facts about Balinese Masks 1: the cult of the ancestors

The cult of the ancestors is always linked with the use of masks. The people believe that the dancers are the interpreters of the gods during the performance.

Facts about Balinese Masks 2: the non-speaking masked characters

There is no need for you to relate the series of the non speaking masked characters with the whole story during the opening of Topeng performance.

Facts about Balinese Masks

Facts about Balinese Masks

Facts about Balinese Masks 3: the traditional masks

There are several traditional masks to know during the performance. Topeng Kras is used to resemble the martial authoritarian characters. The refined hero is symbolized through Topeng Manis. The old man who will present joke and entertain the audiences is Topeng Tua. Find out facts about Balinese Gamelan here.

Facts about Balinese Masks 4: Penasar

Penasar is the jawless half mask. The main function of this character is to narrate the real story.   This mask allows the actors to speak clearly and loudly.

Facts about Balinese Mask

Facts about Balinese Mask

Facts about Balinese Masks 5: how many Penasar are there?

There are two different points of view presented by the two different Penasar in group Topeng.

Facts about Balinese Masks 6: the performance

The performance involves not only the narration or dialogue. You can also find fighting sequences. The special effect is also presented by using gamelan music.  The audiences can enjoy the dances too.

Balinese Masks

Balinese Masks

Facts about Balinese Masks 7: the comic characters

The performance is not boring because the audiences will be served with some comic characters.

Facts about Balinese Masks 8: contradiction

In Topeng performance, the audiences are presented with various contradictions which include the beauty and ugliness.

Balinese Mask

Balinese Mask

Facts about Balinese Masks 9: Rangda mask

If you want to know the mask which represents the evil, you have to see Rangda mask. It represents the demon queen of leyaks in Bali. In Balinese mythology, this character is an evil who likes to eat child. Get facts about Bali here.

Facts about Balinese Masks 10: the Barong Dance

You can check the Barong dance if you are interested to know the eternal battle between Barong and Rangda. Rangda is called as the evil, while Barong is a good one. Barong is depicted in a lion like creature.



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