10 Facts about Ballarat

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Facts about Ballarat present the interesting information about a city located in Victoria, Australia. The location of this city is on Yarrowee River. It is around 65 miles of Melbourne. The city is inhabited by 96,940 people. Therefore, it is included as the third most populous urban area in Victoria. If you want to call the people who live in Ballarat, you can call them Ballaratians. Get more facts about Ballarat below:

Facts about Ballarat 1: the name

The name of the city was very unique. The Scottish squatter Archibald Yuille called it ballarat. He was the first man who formed the first settlement in the area. In 1837, the name was taken from the word balla arat from the local Wathaurong Aboriginal words.  The meaning of this word is resting place. In 1996, the spelling of this city was Ballarat.

Facts about Ballarat 2: a major settlement

Ballarat became a major settlement because of the Victorian gold rush. Actually it was only a small sheep station.

Ballarat Facts

Ballarat Facts

Facts about Ballarat 3: the discovery of gold

On 18 August 1851, the gold was discovered at Poverty Point. The news spread around Australia. Therefore, more than 2,000 people were rushed to reach the city to find the gold.

Facts about Ballarat 4: the mining innovation

The mining innovation also occurred in Ballarat. In 1851, it witnessed the first use of a Chilean mill. In 1861, it had the first use of a mine cage.

Ballarat City

Ballarat City

Facts about Ballarat 5: Eureka Rebellion

The beginning Eureka Rebellion was in Ballarat. On December 3rd 1854, the Battle Eureka Stockade occurred. It was the only armed rebellion in Australian history. Eureka Flag was the symbol of the rebellion. Now it is located in Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka in Ballarat.

Facts about Ballarat 6: Ballarat Botanical Gardens

If you want to know another historic place in Ballarat, you can go to Ballarat Botanical Gardens. The botanical garden was constructed in 1857.  Other interesting places include Her Majesty’s, the Avenue of Honour and Prime Ministers Avenue. Get Australia Facts here.

Facts about Ballarat

Facts about Ballarat

Facts about Ballarat 7: a city

Ballarat has been called as a city in Australia since 1871.  It was one of the prosperous cities due to the gold extraction.

Facts about Ballarat 8: the wide boulevards

If you visit Ballarat, you can check a lot of wide boulevards. If you want to know the finest main avenues in the city, you can go to Sturt Street.

Ballarat Pictures

Ballarat Pictures

Facts about Ballarat 9: the memorials

You can also find various memorials by visiting Sturt Street Gardens. One of the memorials was used to honor the bandsmen of RMS Titanic. Get facts about Australian History here.

Facts about Ballarat 10: war monuments

The Sturt Street also has some war monuments used to commemorate World War II and Boer War.

Ballarat Pic

Ballarat Pic

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