10 Facts about Ballet

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One of the interesting dances is explained in Facts about Ballet. This performance is wonderful and amazing. It was originated from the Italian Renaissance court in 15th century. In France and Russia, ballet evolved into a concert dance. Until this present day, people are very impressed with ballet.  You have to pay a great deal of money to see the ballet performance. Let me show you more interesting facts about ballet below:

Facts about Ballet 1: the training

This dancing style is not easy to master. If you want to become a professional ballet dancer, you have to do years of training to master all skills. When you are at the young age, you can follow the ballet schools. Get facts about African dance here.

Facts about Ballet 2: ballet dance work

The word ballet is often associated with ballet dance work. It means that it involves with music and choreography.

Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance

Facts about Ballet 3: The Nutcracker

The choreography for the famous ballet dance work was The Nutcracker. The music score for this two act ballet was created by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Facts about Ballet 4: the performance

If you check the classical ballet, it is performed using the ornate costumes, theatrical style and classical music. But not all of them are in classical style.  Check the world of George Balanchine if you want to know different point of view of ballet performance.

Ballet Dancers

Ballet Dancers

Facts about Ballet 5: the word ballet

The word ballet was derived from French. Then it was adapted in English word in 1630. The meaning of this word is to dance.

Facts about Ballet 6: the styles of ballets

The style of ballet is various. You can check French ballet, Russian ballet and Italian ballet. Other types of variations can be seen in the presence of neoclassical ballet, contemporary ballet and classical ballet.

Facts about Ballet

Facts about Ballet

Facts about Ballet 7: the romantic ballet

Ballet Blanc or late romantic ballet is the most well known one in the world. The dancing style focuses on the pointe work of the female ballet dancers.  They will wear the short white tutus.

Facts about Ballet 8: the spirit women

The romantic ballet story was centered on the spirit women. The first romantic ballet ever created was 1827 ballet La Sylphide. The last work was 1870 ballet Coppélia.



Facts about Ballet 9: Neo-Classical Ballet

Neo-Classical Ballet still features the classic ballet vocabs and techniques. However, it is unique due to the unclear costumes and plots.

Facts about Ballet10: the first neoclassical ballet

The first neoclassical ballet was George Balanchine’s Apollo in 1928.

Ballet Pic

Ballet Pic

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