10 Facts about Balloons

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Let’s discuss Facts about Balloons if you want to know the flexible bags that you can inflate using gas. The gas type is various. You can use the nitrous oxide, helium, hydrogen, air or oxygen.  The old fashioned balloons were made of animal bladders. The balloon has various purposes. It can be used for decorative or even medical purposes. Get more facts about balloons below:

Facts about Balloons 1: the modern day balloons

The modern day balloons are very different from the traditional balloons. They are not made of animal bladders. Nylon fabric, latex, rubber and polychloroprene are the common materials to create the balloons. You can also find them in many colors and shapes.

Facts about Balloons 2: the purposes

The production of balloons is not only for the decorative purposes. It is also used the military defense, meteorology, transportation and medical treatment.  This item is very popular due to the low cost and density.

Facts about Balloons

Facts about Balloons

Facts about Balloons 3: Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was the inventor of rubber balloon. He did it when he had experiment with different gasses in 1824.

Facts about Balloons 4: the party balloons

Latex is the main material to make the party balloons. The latex is taken from the rubber trees. You can fill the latex based balloons with water, helium, liquid, or air. The balloons are very elastic. Therefore, the volume will be adjusted when it is filled with gasses.



Facts about Balloons 5: the colors

The colors of balloons are various. You can have them in purple, blue, green, yellow, red, black, white, orange, and many more.

Facts about Balloons 6: how to fill the party balloons

It is very easy to fill the party balloons. If you want the simplest way, you can increase the balloon’s volume using mouth. If you have a lot of balloons to work with, use the electric or manual inflator. Find out facts about air balloon here.

Balloon Pictures

Balloon Pictures

Facts about Balloons 7: helium

If you want to make the balloons floating up to the air, you can choose the helium gas.  The buoyancy can last for a day or more. If you want to make the balloons floating for a week or longer, you can use the special gel. It can be applied inside the balloon to reduce the helium leakage.

Facts about Balloons 8: the long lasting balloons

In 1970s, people were served with the longer lasting foil balloon.  They were made of special materials like Mylar. The price of the balloons was more expensive.

Balloon Picture

Balloon Picture

Facts about Balloons 9: the attractive balloons

The balloons are not only colorful. You can also pick the ones in patterns and shapes. Get facts about balloon boy here.

Facts about Balloons 10: metallised nylon balloons

The metallised nylon balloons can keep the helium gas from leakage. Therefore, they can float for weeks.

Balloon Facts

Balloon Facts

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