10 Facts about Balmoral Castle

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Facts about Balmoral Castle talk about the large state house located in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Since 1852, this castle has been used as the residence of the British Royal Family. The location is around 10 km from western of Ballater. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Balmoral Castle below:

Facts about Balmoral Castle 1: the private property

Balmoral Castle is included as the private property of the royal family since it was purchased by Prince Albert.  The castle is not included as the property of the crown.

Facts about Balmoral Castle 2: the small castle

The Balmoral Castle felt so small after it was purchased privately by the royal family. Therefore, the castle was specially re-built. William Smith of Aberdeen was the original architect for castle design even though Prince Albert modified the castle’s design.

Pic of Balmoral Castle

Pic of Balmoral Castle

Facts about Balmoral Castle 3: the style of Balmoral Castle

The architecture of Balmoral Castle is interesting and unique. You need to check the pictures of the castle to know the Scots Baronial style. The castle is included in A-list building based on Historic Scotland.

Facts about Balmoral Castle 4: the construction and demolition

In 1856, the construction of the new castle completed. The demolition of the old castle was conducted subsequently.

Facts about Balmoral Castle

Facts about Balmoral Castle

Facts about Balmoral Castle 5: the Balmoral Estate

The land area of the Balmore Castle is larger now. It comprises of around 20,000 ha or 50,000 acres of land area. Besides the castle, you can find out a working state which consists of forestry, grouse moors, managed herds of ponies, highland cattle and deer, and farmland. There was a hunting lodge of King Robert II of Scotland built here. Get facts about Arc de Triomphe here.

Facts about Balmoral Castle 6: the current Balmoral castle

Today, Balmoral castle is included inside the Cairngorms National Park. Some parts of the estate are included inside Deeside and Lochnagar National Scenic Area. The setting that people can enjoy from the estate is wonderful. You can spot the open mountains and Dee river valley.

Balmoral Castle Landscape

Balmoral Castle Landscape

Facts about Balmoral Castle 7: the hills

Inside the estate of Balmoral castle, you can see the hills or Munros with the height more than 910 meters or 3,000 feet. Find out another unique building in facts about Aztec temples here.

Facts about Balmoral Castle 8: the highest hill

The highest hill among the seven Munros is Lochnagar. It has the height at 1,155 meters or 3,789 feet.

Balmoral Castle Beauty

Balmoral Castle Beauty

Facts about Balmoral Castle 9: The Old Man of Lochnagar

The Old Man of Lochnagar is a children story. It has the setting in Lochnagar. Prince Charles initially told the story to Andrew and Edward, his younger brothers.

Facts about Balmoral Castle 10: Delnadamph Lodge estate

Delnadamph Lodge estate has the land area of 7,500 in the estate. Elizabeth II bought it in 1978.

Balmoral Castle Facts

Balmoral Castle Facts

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