10 Facts about Baluchitherium

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If you are interested to know the extinct primitive rhinoceros, you have to check Facts about Baluchitherium. Baluchitherium is included in the genus Baluchitherium. You can find the fossil bones of Baluchitherium in central Asia.  Many experts believe that Baluchitherium is the largest land mammal all of the time. Let me show you more fascinating facts about Baluchitherium below:

Facts about Baluchitherium 1: the size

The experts estimate that Baluchitherium has the weight around 10 to 20 tons. The shoulder height is around 5.5 meter or 18 feet. Due to this giant size, it is called as the largest land mammal ever alive.

Facts about Baluchitherium 2: the classification

Let’s find out the classification of Baluchitherium. It is included in the family Rhinocerotidae, order Perissodactyla, class Mammalia, subphylum Vertebrata, and phylum Chordata.

Facts about Baluchitherium

Facts about Baluchitherium

Facts about Baluchitherium 3: herbivore

Baluchitherium is an herbivore. It means that this primitive rhinoceros did not eat meat.

Facts about Baluchitherium 4: the meaning Baluchitherium

The word Baluchitherium is always translated as beast of Balochistan. It is believed that this largest land mammal was roaming around the Bugti hills of Balochistan more than 20 million years ago.



Facts about Baluchitherium 5: the modern rhinoceros

The modern rhinoceros that you can find today are the descendant of the extinct hornless Baluchitherium.

Facts about Baluchitherium 6: Pakistan

If you are interested to know the life size model of Baluchitherium, you can visit PMNH or Pakistan Museum of Natural History.  It is used to promote the science and technology of Pakistan. Get facts about Archeopteryx.

Baluchitherium Size

Baluchitherium Size

Facts about Baluchitherium 7: the forests

The presence of Baluchitherium in Pakistan can be used to support the theory that once, Pakistan was a lush forests. Probably, there are many undiscovered fossils in the country based on the point of view of PMNH curator and paleontologist, Ghazala Roohi.

Facts about Baluchitherium 8: the migratory pattern

The recent variety of Baluchitherium has been found in south western China. It indicates that there was a migratory pattern.

Baluchitherium Pic

Baluchitherium Pic

Facts about Baluchitherium 9: the fossil excavation

In 2000 to 2003, the excavation of Baluchitherium fossils was conducted by a joint team of paleontologists from PMNH and University of Montpellier, France. The curator stated that the joint team has done the 65 percent of the excavation of Baluchitherium in Dera Bugti. However, the excavation had to be stopped due to the security and political issues in the region. Get facts about Argentinosaurus here.

Facts about Baluchitherium 10: the life sized mode

The life sized model of Baluchitherium in the museum was made Asim Mirza in Karachi. This Pakistani artist prepared five pieces of model from fiberglass in the price of Rs 1.74 million.

Baluchitherium Facts

Baluchitherium Facts

Are you impressed after reading facts about Baluchitherium?

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