10 Facts about Bamboo

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Facts about Bamboo talk about the flowering perennial evergreen plants included in the tribe Bambuseae and subfamily Bambusoideae. Bamboo in included as a forestry product. The usage of bamboo is diverse. It is often seen as a building material or furniture. It is included in the grass family. The largest member is the giant bamboos. Here are some interesting facts about bamboo for you:

Facts about Bamboo 1: the fastest growing plant

Do you know that the fastest growing plant in the world is bamboo? In a 24-period of time, some species of bamboo can grow up to 35 inches. It is due to the presence of unique rhizome dependent system.

Facts about Bamboo 2: the approximate growth

The approximate growth of bamboo is around 0.00003 kilometer per hour. In every two minutes, it can grow up to 0.02 inches or 1 millimeter.

Facts about Bamboo

Facts about Bamboo

Facts about Bamboo 3: bamboos in Asian country

The people who live in East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia consider bamboo as the source of economy and culture.

Facts about Bamboo 4: the usage

The Asian people use bamboo as versatile raw products, food sources, and furniture pieces. Compared to brick, concrete and wood, bamboo has bigger compressive strength.

Bamboo Plant

Bamboo Plant

Facts about Bamboo 5: the word

The word bamboo was taken from the word bambu. It was derived from Kannada. The introduction of this word was from Malay to English word.

Facts about Bamboo 6: the culinary

It is very surprising to know that bamboo is an edible plant.  There are various kinds of Asian dishes and broths created from bamboo.  You can get the fresh or canned versions of bamboo in the supermarket.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo Furniture

Facts about Bamboo 7:gulai rebung

In Indonesia, bamboo is often cooked as gulai rebung.  The bamboo will be sliced thin and then it is boiled using the thick coconut milk called santan. Then it is mixed with various species. Other dishes from Indonesia made of bamboo include lumpia and sayur lodeh. Find out Baobab tree facts here.

Facts about Bamboo 8: medication in China and India

The medication in China also involves the usage of bamboo.  The Chinese people believe that it can be used to treat infection. The Indian people believe that bamboo paste called Khorisa is helpful to treat menstrual pains, infertility and importance.

Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

Facts about Bamboo 9: the construction material

Another benefit of bamboo is used as the construction material. The building created from bamboo is always associated with South Pacific, East Asia and South Asia. Get facts about banana trees here.

Facts about Bamboo 10: other usage

Bamboo is also used to create weapon, musical instrument, furniture, textiles and many more.

Bamboo Bed

Bamboo Bed

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