10 Facts about Bamburgh Castle

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Let me show you an interesting building on Facts about Bamburgh Castle. Bamburgh Castle was established in a site called Din Guarie. It is a home to the native Britons’s fort. Ida of Bernicia was the Anglo-Saxon ruler who captured the citadel. Then, it was used as the seat of Ida. In the war of 590, the site was taken again by the Britons. However, it was relieved again in that same year. Here are other facts about Bamburgh Castle for you:

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 1: the name

The name of the castle was Bebbanburgh. It was taken from the name of Æðelfriþ’s wife, Bebba. In 993, the original fortification was demolished by the Vikings.

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 2: the new castle

The Normans established a new castle in the site. Robert de Mowbray was the Earl of Northumbria who supported the revolt to confine the castle. However, he was captured. Therefore, his wife continued the defense.  She decided to surrender after the king threatened to blind her husband.

Facts about Bamburgh Castle

Facts about Bamburgh Castle

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 3: the English Monarch

Then the English Monarch owned the property of Bamburgh Castle. It was used as by the English as a significant outpost. Therefore, Scotland often targeted the site for their raids.

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 4: the Wars of Roses

The first castle of England defeated by artillery was Bamburgh Castle during the Wars of Roses in 1464.

Bamburgh Castle Pic

Bamburgh Castle Pic

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 5: The Forster family of Northumberland

The Crown was served by The Forster family of Northumberland to 12 successive governors of Bamburgh Castle for 400 years. Later, Sir John Forster got the ownership of Bamburgh Castle. Find out facts about Balmoral Castle here.

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 6: bankruptcy

In 1700, Sir William Forster was in the state of bankruptcy. Therefore, he had to sell his castle and other estates to Bishop of Durham, Lord Crew.

Bamburgh Castle Facts

Bamburgh Castle Facts

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 7: the restoration

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Bamburgh castle was damaged, but it could be renovated by different owners. The one who completed the restoration was William Armstrong.

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 8: the public visit

Bamburgh Castle is open for public. You can come here and enjoy the fascinating vicinity.  The castle is still owned by Armstrong family. Many corporate events and weddings are held here.

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 9: Royal Navy corvette

There was a Royal Navy corvette named after Bamburgh Castle during the World War II. Find out facts about Abergavenny Castle here.

Facts about Bamburgh Castle 10: the film setting

There are several movies filmed here such as Elizabeth (1998), Mary, Queen of Scots (1971), El Cid (1961), and Ivanhoe (1952).

Bamburgh Castle Pictures

Bamburgh Castle Pictures

Are you impressed reading facts about Bamburgh Castle?

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