10 Facts about Banana Trees

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Facts about Banana Trees talk about the plants of banana. The famers who first domesticated bananas were from Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia. It is estimated that the cultivation of bananas in Papua New Guinea was dated back around 5000 to 8000 BC. The banana plants that you can find in Southeast Asia are diverse. The fruit is very popular in the world. It is infused in various dishes. But other parts of the banana trees are useful too. Find out more facts about banana trees below:

Facts about Banana Trees 1: fiber

The banana tree is a good source of fiber. It can be used to create high quality textiles. Since 13th century, the Japanese people had used the fiber taken from the banana plants to create clothes and household.

Facts about Banana Trees 2: the flower garland

The people of Tamil Nadu, India use the trunk of the banana tree to create the flower garland.

Facts about Banana Trees

Facts about Banana Trees

Facts about Banana Trees 3: banana paper

The production of banana paper is created from banana fiber. It can be made using the industrial process or hand making. There are two different parts of banana paper. The artistic purpose of the paper is from the bark of the plant. Find out facts about aloe vera here.

Facts about Banana Trees 4: the cultural significance

Banana fruit, banana leaves and coconut are the important parts for the Indian people who want to worship River Kaveri at Tiruchirappalli.

Banana Trees

Banana Trees

Facts about Banana Trees 5: the wild banana species

If you want to know the wild banana species, you can check it in Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

Facts about Banana Trees 6: banana in America

Portuguese sailors introduced bananas to Americas when these people carried banana from West Africa in 16th century. The banana plantation was settled in western Africa, Brazil and Atlantic island by the Portuguese in 15th and 16th century. Get facts about banana here.

Banana Trees in Asia

Banana Trees in Asia

Facts about Banana Trees 7: bananas in Europe

Banana was not well known in Europe even though it had been found in Victorian age. The description of bananas in Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne introduced bananas to the readers.

Facts about Banana Trees 8: Cavendish bananas

Cavendish bananas is mainly cultivated in the Windward Islands. The bananas are sold in North America and Europe.

Banana Tree Facts

Banana Tree Facts

Facts about Banana Trees 9: the banana farms in Africa

Most farms in Africa only produce bananas for the local consumption. The highest consumption of bananas can be seen in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

Facts about Banana Trees 10: United States

There are only few farms which produce bananas in US. In 2001, Hawaii produced around 14,000 tonnes of bananas.

Banana Tree

Banana Tree

Are you impressed with facts about banana tree?

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