10 Facts about Bananas

Friday, May 8th 2015. | Culinary

Find out one of the most popular fruits in the world in Facts about Bananas. Banana is a good fruit to eat every single day. It gives you a lot of nutrition. Banana is an edible fruit included in the genus Musa.  These flowering plants have different kinds of fruits.  The firmness, color, and size of the banana are various. You can find them in brown, red, purple, yellow, or even green.  Here are some interesting facts about banana for you:

Facts about Bananas 1: the banana fruits

If you check the fruit of banana, they grow in series of clutter. There are two kinds of wild species, Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana which derived almost all kinds of modern seedless bananas. Get facts about avocados here.

Facts about Bananas 2: the species of Musa

The species of Musa are considered native to Australia and Indomalaya.  The first domesticated banana was seen in Papua New Guinea. Now you can find banana plant growing in more than 107 countries in the world.  The plant of banana is very useful due to the fruit and fiber.



Facts about Bananas 3: The Gros Michel banana

One of the most popular varieties of banana is The Gros Michel banana.  However, it soon declined due to the presence of Panama disease which attacked the banana roots in 1950s.

Facts about Bananas 4: Cavendish banana

Cavendish banana is considered as the common type of banana sold in the stores today.  It can resist to Panama disease.

Banana Recipe

Banana Recipe

Facts about Bananas 5: the leading producer

Can you tell me the leading producer of banana? India takes this record.

Facts about Bananas 6: potassium

Potassium is the main nutrition that you can get from banana. Due to the presence of potassium, it is more radioactive compared to other fruits. The nuts, seeds, beans and potatoes also contain potassium.

Banana Pic

Banana Pic

Facts about Bananas 7: the taste of the fruit

The taste of banana depends on the ripeness and cultivar. You can find it so sweet or even starchy. You can enjoy the starchy one in green bananas, while the yellow bananas are sweet.

Facts about Bananas 8: banana pancake

One of the most popular foods for the travelers in Southeast Asia and South Asia is banana pancake.

Banana Dish

Banana Dish

Facts about Bananas 9: banana chips

Banana is also used to create snack such as banana chips. In Philippine, banana is used to create various dishes such as Sana con yellow, turron and maruyo. Find out another fruit in apricot facts.

Facts about Bananas 10: banana in Indonesia

The Indonesian people like to make pisang goreng from banana.  The fried banana will be coated in a batter.

Facts about Banana

Facts about Banana

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