10 Facts about Bangkok Thailand

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Let me show you the interesting information about the most populous city in Thailand in Facts about Bangkok Thailand. This city is considered as the capital of the nation.  There are around 8 million people who live in the city. It occupies 12.6 percent of the total population in Thailand. The land area of the city is around 605.7 square miles or 1,568.7 square kilometers. Find out more interesting facts about Bangkok below:

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 1: the development of the city

Bangkok is well developed. In the 20th century, this city had witnessed different kinds of political struggles in Thailand.  There are many uprising and coups occurred in this city. In 1960s to 1980s, Bangkok grew well in field of media, education, economy, social and politics.

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 2: the multinational corporation

You can also see different kinds of Multinational Corporation headquartered in Bangkok after the investment in Asia was booming in 1980s and 1990s. There is no need to wonder that Bangkok is called as the center of business and finance.

Facts about Bangkok Thailand

Facts about Bangkok Thailand

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 3: the top tourist destination

There are several top tourist destinations in Bangkok Thailand. You can visit Wat Arun and Wat Pho if you want to know the Buddhist Temples. Other interesting places are Khaosan Road and Patpong and historic Grand Palace.

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 4: Travel + Leisure magazine

The survey conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine found out that Bangkok won the title of the World’s Best City in 2010 to 2013.



Facts about Bangkok Thailand 5: the tourists

The destinations in Bangkok are not only attracted the local visitors, but also international visitors. In 2010, there were 11,361,808 foreign visitors and 26,861,095 Thai.

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 6: the types of attraction

There are various types of attractions that you can find in Bangkok Thailand. You can see the museums, shopping center, royal palaces, dining experiences, nightlife, and temples.

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 7: the Thai culture

If you like to know the deep influence of Hinduism in Thai culture, you can go to the Giant Swing and Erawan Shrine. Get facts about Ballarat to know a city in Australia.

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 8: the largest teak building

Bangkok is also the home of the largest teak building in the world called Vimanmek Mansion. If you want to know the traditional Thai architecture, you can visit Jim Thompson House.

Bangkok City

Bangkok City

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 9: the night scene

You can enjoy the night scene by visiting Khao San Road, “Mulligans Irish Bar”, “Brick Bar”, and “99Fashion”. Find out another interesting city in Baltimore facts.

Facts about Bangkok Thailand 10: the annual festivals

Some of the annual festivals celebrated in Bangkok include Loi Krathong, New Year celebrations, Thailand’s national Father’s Day, Golden Mount Fair and many more.

Bangkok Thailand facts

Bangkok Thailand facts

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