10 Facts about Bangladesh Floods

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Facts about Bangladesh Floods present the interesting information about the flood which affects the land area around the Ganges Delta. The people and landscape in Bangladesh are deeply affected due to the presence of various tributaries of Bay of Bengal and Ganges Delta. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bangladesh Flood below:

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 1: the risk of flood

The risk of being swept by flood is very high in Bangladesh because 80 percent of the land is flood plain. Moreover, 75 percent of the Bangladesh land is located less than 10 meter above the sea elevation.

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 2: the defence

The defence against the flood in Bangladesh was conducted by installing the reinforced and strengthened embankments. However, many of them are still established from the tuft or pure soil.

Facts about Bangladesh Floods

Facts about Bangladesh Floods

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 3: the flooring time

The risk of having flood is very high in June to September.  The people experience monsoon in that period of time. The flood is prone because of the melt water from Himalayas which can last for at least one month.

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 4: the floor every year

There are around 7 million homes damaged and 5,000 people killed when the flood is coming every year. The flood affects at least 18 percent of total land area in Bangladesh or 26,000 kilometer square.

Bangladesh Floods

Bangladesh Floods

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 5: the severe flood

In 1998, the Bangladeshi people experienced the severe flood. It affected more than 75 percent of the total land area in the country. Get facts about avalanches here.

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 6: the severe flood record

The record of several floods in Bangladesh occurred in 1966, 1987, 1988 and 1998.

Bangladesh Flood Images

Bangladesh Flood Images

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 7: South Asia

When the South Asian flood occurred in 2007, Bangladesh was also affected.

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 8: the benefit of small scale flood

If the flood occurs in small scale, it gives benefit for the people due to the sediment deposited by the flood water. Therefore, the agricultural industry is increased. The people can get abundant harvest if the soil is super fertile.

Bangladesh Flood Pictures

Bangladesh Flood Pictures

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 9: the flood in 2004

The condition of the flood which occurred in 2004 was similar with the flood in 1998. More than two thirds areas of the nation were under water. Get facts about Australian Floods here.

Facts about Bangladesh Floods 10: the flood in 2005

In the beginning of October 2005, the Bangladeshi experienced another flood which damaged dozens of villages.

Bangladesh Flood

Bangladesh Flood

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