10 Facts about Banjo Paterson

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Facts about Banjo Paterson tell you about the famous bush author, journalist and poet from Australia. This man was born on 17 February 1864 as Andrew Barton Paterson. He passed away on 5 February 1941. The focus of his works was on the Australian life. You can find a lot of bush ballads that he created. The setting of his works was focused on the rural and outback regions. The childhood place of Binalong, New South Wales was often depicted in his works. Find out more facts about Banjo Paterson:

Facts about Banjo Paterson 1: place of birth

Banjo Paterson was the son of Australian born Rose Isabella Barton and a Scottish immigrant from Lanarkshire, Andrew Bogle Paterson. He was the eldest son in the family who was born in the property of Narrambla located near Orange, New South Wales.

Facts about Banjo Paterson 2: the place of living

The family had to live in an isolated Buckinbah Station located near Yeoval New South Wales. When he was five, the family moved after his father lost the wool clip in the flood. Therefore, he had to sell it.


Banjo Paterson Facts

Banjo Paterson Facts

Facts about Banjo Paterson 3: the farm

The farm of John Paterson, in Illalong was taken over by Paterson’s family after his uncle died. The location of this farm is near the main route of Sydney and Melbourne.

Facts about Banjo Paterson 4: writing inspiration

Banjo Paterson got his writing inspiration from the everyday sight. He grew the fondness towards horses and country area through his childhood.

Banjo Paterson Image

Banjo Paterson Image

Facts about Banjo Paterson 5: the renowned poem

Some of the well known poems of Banjo Paterson include “Clancy of the Overflow”, “The Man from Snowy River” and “Waltzing Matilda”. Find out another writer in facts about Conan Doyle.

Facts about Banjo Paterson 6: personal life

His wife was Alice Emily Walker. Both married on April 8, 1903 in St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, Tenterfield, New South Wales. Both were blessed with kids named Grace and Hugh.

Banjo Paterson Pictures

Banjo Paterson Pictures

Facts about Banjo Paterson 7: the famous publications

In The Bulletin, Banjo Paterson published The Man from Snowy Rivers and other five ballads.

Facts about Banjo Paterson 8: the collection of Australian verses

The collection of Australian verse was published by Angus & Robertson in 1895. In the first month of the publication, there were 5,000 copies of this book sold in the market.

Facts about Banjo Paterson

Facts about Banjo Paterson

Facts about Banjo Paterson 9: the romantic view

If you check most of his works, you will know the presence of romantic view of the bush. Get facts about ballad poems here.

Facts about Banjo Paterson 10: the bushman

The character of the Bushman in his works is highly independent, heroic and tough.

Banjo Paterson Pic

Banjo Paterson Pic

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