10 Facts about Banjos

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Facts about Banjos talk about the interesting musical instrument. It is used to use to accompany the American folk music. But it is also used in various kinds of music in the modern era. In the American history, banjo is an important part of the musical history. Actually the African slaves in America developed banjo. The popularity of banjo can be seen in the beginning of minstrel shows.

Facts about Banjos 1: the features

Let’s find out the features of banjos. This music instrument is usually equipped with four or five strings. But you can find out the banjos in six strings. The body of banjo reminds you with the shape of drum head. The resonator plate is located at the circular body which is left open at the back.

Facts about Banjos 2: the tenor banjo

The tenor banjo is the four string banjo. You can play it with a pick. The use of this banjo is mainly seen in Dixieland which is a part of jazz styles.

Banjo Music

Banjo Music

Facts about Banjos 3: the five string banjo

The most popular banjo is in five string design. You can find it played in various bluegrass or folk music. When the people want to present the bluegrass music, they can play banjos using picks and a resonator. If you want to enjoy the pure American music, banjo is played without a pick.

Facts about Banjos 4: Deliverance

Deliverance is the famous movie released in 1972. In the movie, you can find out the Dueling Banjos piece. If you think that it was recorded using two banjos, you are wrong. Actually it features a banjo and a guitar. Normally, we use two banjos. Find out facts about bagpipes here.

Banjo Facts

Banjo Facts

Facts about Banjos 5: Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger was one of the famous banjoists. He played a longer necked version of banjo. Due to his unique style, the banjo with longer necked version is always badged with his name.

Facts about Banjos 6: the classical music

Before 20th century, the five string banjo was often used to accompany the classical music.

Facts about Banjos

Facts about Banjos

Facts about Banjos 7: the banjo with tuning pegs and fingerboards

In 17th century, people were introduced with the banjo equipped with turning pegs and fingerboards. They were originally from the Caribbean. Get facts about Balinese Gamelan here.

Facts about Banjos 8: other instruments

There are many other instruments which are similar to banjo.  Those are the Moroccan sinter, Persian tar, and Japanese shamisen.



Facts about Banjos 9: Vess Ossman

Vess Ossman is one of the famous five string banjoists.  He played this instrument since he was 12.

Facts about Banjos 10: other famous banjoists

The famous banjoists in the world include Eddie Peabody, Fred Van Eps, Harry Reser, Frank Lawes, Mike Pingitore and many more.

Banjo Pic

Banjo Pic

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