10 Facts about Banksy

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Let me tell you the pseudonymous English graffiti artist, film director, political activist and painter in Facts about Banksy. His graffiti art is fantastic for it is made in unique stenciling method.  His art is characterized with dark humor, subversive epigrams and satirical street art. You can find his social and political commentary all over the bridges, walls and streets around the world. Many experts believe that his style is similar with the style of Blek le Rat. Find out more interesting facts about Banksy below:

Facts about Banksy 1: the inspiration

The inspiration of his art was from 3D. He was a graffiti artist who established an English musical group called Massive Attack later.

Facts about Banksy 2: the media of his art

The media of his arts can be seen in the self built physical property pieces and walls. Therefore, the art is on the public surface.

Banksy Artist

Banksy Artist

Facts about Banksy 3: how to sell the art?

His graffiti art is not reproduced or even sold in the form of photographs.   His art will be sold by the art auctioneers by selling the street art on the location. The removal of the street art will be laid on the winning bidder.

Facts about Banksy 4: Exit through the Gift Shop

Exit through the Gift Shop was the title of the first movie of Banksy. The movie was debuted at Sundance Film Festival 2010. It was badged as the first street art disaster movie in the world. On 5 March 2010, the movie was released in United Kingdom.

Facts about Banksy

Facts about Banksy

Facts about Banksy 5: nomination

Exit through the Gift Shop made it to the list of the nomination of the Best Documentary Film in Academy Awards.

Facts about Banksy 6: Person of the Year

Banksy got Person of the Year in Webby Awards 2014. Find out another artist in Augusta Savage facts here.

Banksy Street Art

Banksy Street Art

Facts about Banksy 7: the early career

In 1990 to 1994, Banksy was only a freehand graffiti artist. He was member of DBZ or DryBreadZ crew. The local artist inspired his work.   It is included as part of the Bristol underground scene along with 3D, Inkie and Walker.

Facts about Banksy 8: Steve Lazarides

Steve Lazarides was a Bristol photographer who was interested to sell the world of Banksy. Then Lazaride became his agent.

Banksy Graffiti

Banksy Graffiti

Facts about Banksy 9: stencil

He focuses more on the art of stenciling for it requires less time to finish the art.  Due to his unique technique, his art is famous in London and Bristol. Get facts about Banksy’s Artworks here.

Facts about Banksy 10: the personal activity

In 2001, Banksy had a tour with Easton Cowboys and Cowgirls in Mexico. It was a football club in which Banksy played for it.

Banksy Facts

Banksy Facts

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