10 Facts about Banksy’s Artwork

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Facts about Banksy’s Artwork inform you with the unique graffiti art and painting of Banksy.¬† Banksy actually is not only a painter, but also a graffiti artist, political activist and film director.¬† The price of his work is expensive. Do you know some of the famous celebrities have his artwork as a collection? One of them is Christina Aguilera who bought an original of Queen Victoria as lesbian and two prints in the price of ¬£25,000.

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 1: the auction record

The auction record of Banksy’s work was set on 19 October 2006 when Sotheby‚Äôs London sold a set of Kate Moss paintings in the price of ¬£50,400.

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 2: the green Mona Lisa

You have to check his green Mona Lisa in stencil to know the unique style of Banksy’s artwork.  In the auction, it was sold in the price of £57,600.

Facts about Banksy's Artwork

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 3: the success of Banksy

We can say that Banksy is very successful even though he began his career from a street artist. There are many street artists who want to be successful like Banksy. Therefore, Max Foster a journalist considers the term Banksy effect to illustrate the interest. Find out interesting Audrey Flack facts here.

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 4: the large wall mural

In 1997, Banksy created the Mild Mild West. It was the first renowned large mural painted by Banksy. The mural presented the image a teddy bear and 3 riot police.  This mural can be seen in the advertising  office located at Stokes Croft Avenue in Bristol.

Banksy's Artwork Themes

Banksy’s Artwork Themes

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 5: the dark humor

You can find the dark humor in most of his stencil works.  The images are often mixed with slogans. He chooses political activism as the main focus on the works. You can see the anti war, anti establishment and anti capitalists on his art.

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 6: the subjects

The subjects of his stencil works include apes, soldiers, policeman, the elderly, children and rats.

Banksy's Artwork Image

Banksy’s Artwork Image

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 7: Gorilla in a Pink Mask

Gorilla in a Pink Mask is known as the early work of Banksy. It is located in the exterior wall of the former social club located in Eastville. The painting has been there for more than 10 years. When it becomes a Muslim cultural center, the wall is painted over.

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 8: Naked Man

The wall of sexual health clinic in Park Street Bristol featured the Naked Man image created by Banksy. Due to the popular support, the image is allowed to remain by the authorities.

Banksy's Artwork Facts

Banksy’s Artwork Facts

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 9: Bombing Middle England

Bombing Middle England is called as the most expensive work of Banksy. It was sold in the price £102,000 on 21 February 2007 at Sotheby’s auction.

Facts about Banksy’s Artwork 10: the graffiti works

Other works sold in above estimated price include Balloon Girl and Bomb Hugger. The latter is sold at £31,200 and the first one is £37,200.

Banksy's Artwork Pic

Banksy’s Artwork Pic

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