10 Facts about Baptists

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If you want to know the group of churches and denominations who believe that baptism should be performed in complete immersion and professing believers, read in Facts about Baptists. The complete immersion means that the baptism should never be conducted only by sprinkling water or affusion. The professing believers mean that this method opposes the infant baptism.

Facts about Baptists 1: the belief of Baptist

There are other canons of Baptist churches. It focuses more on the Scripture used as the rule for the practice and faith of baptism.  The local congregation also has autonomy to do the baptism. Moreover, the tenet also focuses on the salvation through faith.

Facts about Baptists 2: Protestant churches

The people who believe in Baptist churches are often called as Protestant Churches. However, some Baptists deny it.



Facts about Baptists 3: Baptist

The first usage of the word Baptist was dated back in Amsterdam in 1609.  The pastor was John Smyth who was considered as the English Separatist. He rejected baptism of infants after his understanding on the New Testament. He believed that baptism should be applied to adults only. Get facts about Baptism here.

Facts about Baptists 4: the spreading of Baptist

Soon, the tenet of Baptist was widely seen in England. Then it was brought to North American colonies after Roger Williams established the first Baptist congregation in 1638.

Facts about Baptists

Facts about Baptists

Facts about Baptists 5: the First Great Awakening

The Baptist growth in New England and the South was increased after the First Great Awakening in the middle of 18th century.

Facts about Baptists 6: the church membership

The church membership was increased in the beginning of 19th century in the South in the Second Great Awakening.  It is due to the fact that the preachers at that time supported the abolition of slavery in US.

Baptist Symbol

Baptist Symbol

Facts about Baptists 7: the spread of Baptist

The spread of Baptist can be seen around the world in every continent. There are around 150,000 congregations established with more than 41 million members based on the report of The Baptist World Alliance.

Facts about Baptists 8: the members of Baptist

The members of Baptist in North America are around 33 million individuals in 2002. Moreover, it is reported that there were more than 100 million Baptists and Baptist group members.

Baptist Pic

Baptist Pic

Facts about Baptists 9: Thomas Helwys

The Baptist congregation in London was formed Thomas Helwys in 1612. The members were from the congregants of Smyth’s church.

Facts about Baptists 10: the split

The Baptist congregations decided to split on missions and slavery in May 1845 in US.

Baptist Facts

Baptist Facts

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