10 Facts about Bar Codes

Sunday, May 24th 2015. | Technology

Facts about Bar Codes tell you about the history of barcodes.  You can find this barcode attached in various products in the supermarkets such gums, instant noodles, soap, detergents, sauces and many more.  The usage of barcode gives the people a lot of benefits.  Let me show you the history, benefits and founder of barcode in the following post below:

Facts about Bar Codes 1: what is barcode?

It is very easy to define barcode?  This barcode contains an optical representation of data which can be read by a machine. The barcode will be attached to the packaging of a certain product or object.

Facts about Bar Codes 2: point-of-sale management

The barcode system gives the people a lot of benefits.  It can give the business people detailed updated information regarding to the point of sale management.  They can make decision easily by checking the point of sale management.

Bar Code Product

Bar Code Product

Facts about Bar Codes 3: the selling items

It will be easier for the people to find out the fast selling items and slow selling items.  If you can identify the slow selling item, it will be easier for you to prevent the inventory buildup. You will be able to reorder a certain product if you can identify the fast selling items.

Facts about Bar Codes 4: the historical data

The business can find out the historical data which enable them to create prediction regarding the seasonal fluctuations.

Bar Codes Facts

Bar Codes Facts

Facts about Bar Codes 5: reprice

Re-pricing the product is not easy to do. But it will be easier to do if the products contain barcodes.

Facts about Bar Codes 6: discount card

By having barcodes, the voluntary registration of a discount card is easier to do. The customers will get benefits from the low price of the products. Get facts about barcodes here.

Bar Code

Bar Code

Facts about Bar Codes 7: logistics and supply chain management

The benefits of bar codes are not only seen in point of sale management but also in logistics and supply chain management. During the shipping process, the manufacturer can apply UID or Unique Identifying Number on the box. The information on IUD can be about the destination, order number, quantity packed and item packed.

Facts about Bar Codes 8: the informed retailer

The retailer will get the information about their products before it arrives since the information can be sent using Electronic Data Interchange.

Facts about Bar Codes

Facts about Bar Codes

Facts about Bar Codes 9: the error rate

Barcode is a wonderful technology. The scanner is not expensive. Compared to the key entry, it is simple and accurate to do.

Facts about Bar Codes 10: in popular culture

Barcode can be found in popular culture. You can find barcode in the entrance video of WWE stable D-Generation X.

Bar Codes

Bar Codes

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